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The Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe formed after a political struggle with the International Socialist Organization (ZIM) which is affiliated with the IST associated to the “Mother Ship” the UK SWP (also known as the Cliffites).   The break with Cliffiism, the principle feature of which is the capitulation to the labor aristocracy and the middle class which led this tendency to abandon the Marxist method in the characterization of the state.  They therefore did not defend the USSR from US imperialism and did not see any qualitative changes for the USSR the Eastern bloc or China in 1989  and the years that followed.  The Comrades of the RWG broke with Cliffism and embraced Trotskyism and the defense of the Deformed and Degenerated Workers States.   Since the break from the Cliffites the RWG worked with the WIVIL and the FLTI until we came to understand the transformation of China into an emergent imperialist power.  This was an indication of methodological differences with the WIVIL and the FLTI with programatic consequences.  We took the principled stance and broke with the FLTI to work with the Liaison Committee of Communists whose positions more closely aligne with our own.


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