The Old Mole of Permanent Revolution Sparks Imperialist Intervention Against Workers of Kazakhstan! Workers of the world need a Red New Year

12 Jan

In Kazakhstan today, like in Syria and the Arab Spring, we see the Cuban Stalinists, fake Trotskyists the pseudo-Luxemburgists and the Venezuelan PSUV, the darlings of the international Menshevik left, all supporting the “war on terror” on the side of Russian and Chinese imperialism. This is the trajectory of the salesmen for the Bolivarian popular front with Russian and Chinese imperialism. The semi-colonies of the China/Russia imperialist bloc all fall in line and echo Putin and Tokayev in denouncing the rebel masses as terrorists and a foreign-inspired “color revolution.” In the face of the inter-imperialist dispute between the US and China/Russia blocs, we are for revolutionary defeatism on both sides. We are for permanent revolution! For the occupation of work sites, for workers’ committees, for the revolutionary workers party, for the revolutionary general strike and the workers councils’ takeover of power! Russian imperialism out of Kazakhstan! ALL imperialists OUT of Kazakhstan! 

Today’s global capitalist crisis, combined with climate change and the pandemic out of control makes this a terminal crisis. This is the development of imperialism, crises, wars and revolutions, and there is nothing “lesser evil” or “less worse” for this system to offer us. Down with the World Popular Front with Chinese and Russian imperialism! In the face of the decay of American imperialism and the inter-imperialist dispute between the US and China/Russia blocs, the “alternative” to American imperialism is revolutionary defeatism and Permanent Revolution! Down with the opportunist leaderships like Stalinism/neo-Stalinism that wore the cloak of Bolshevism in reactionary Putin and the US’s greatest rival, imperialist China!

We note the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation and now also the China/Russia alliance, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are sending troops, in the Russian case, or offering military assistance to the Tokayev regime. This is the gang of capitalist restorationists who took power in the immediate aftermath of the abolition of the USSR in 1991. The mass labor rebellion against this regime began when the regime privatizers attacked the masses by raising fuel and heating oil prices, removing price subsidies and letting this cost of living float. This is in the country that’s the world’s 6th largest oil exporter! Does this explain a lot?

You bet it does! The muted response of the U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, who calls down Putin’s resort to sending troops saying that when Russians move in it’s hard to get them to leave, does not criticize either the character of the Tokayev regime or its characteristic Russian semi-colonial status. Chevron and western corporations want stability to keep profits and oil flowing! They want it at least as badly as the Chinese regime does, who stand to suffer interruption of oil deliveries at the very least, and just like the western imperialist bloc have zero objection to the operation of market forces in the domestic Kazakh market. No imperialist power wants this rebellion. Should the workers find their path to power, the workers across their borders, particularly the oppressed in Xinjiang and across Eurasia, will contemplate joining the revolt! Does this remind you of Syria? It should remind anyone not blinkered by the false claims of Russia and China to ‘anti-imperialism’ that we see developing another all-imperialists league against permanent revolution!

RT “Socialism” 

“RT socialism” is evident from Adam Radek (Workers League – AU), but much more among Stalinists on the “SDS and 1960’s Leftists” Facebook discussion who call it a “color revolution.” This does not apply to all of them, of course and the Progressive Labor Party (“PL”) is a notable exception. But this is in fact a young workers’ revolt and all these “60s revolutionaries” line up against the workers! Likewise we see fake Trotskyism in the form of the RCIT retailing their   panacea call for a “Revolutionary Constituent Assembly” even as the masses are entering armed struggle for survival against  Tokayev’s ‘anti-looter’ troops and Russian tanks! Tail-ending a virtually invisible to non-existent liberal wing of the Kazakh bourgeoisie! 

The CSTO was organized from 2000 to keep the semi-colonies of Russia in line and has been mobilized to crush the workers uprising. The same justification that we heard from Russian apologists about their intervention in Syria as part of joint defense and anti-terrorism. 

We call on all workers who agree to reach out to troops of the other CSTO constituent nations, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan and Belarus and explain the role of the CSTO under Russian imperialism to stop the permanent revolution across the region. This affects the belt-and-road deals where Russia needs to supply oil to China. We don’t see the color revolution or terrorism, though the western imperialialists do have a reactionary “democratic” project in country. This workers’ revolt is the permanent revolution in need of their revolutionary party and we do not fail to call for its formation on the method and programmatic basis of Trotsky’s 1938 Transitional Program.

Russia is intervening to back the autocrats of the privatizing regime that has agreed to let more prices, the cost of living itself, float! The principal beneficiaries are of course in Moscow but the biggest foreign investor in Kazakhstan is Chevron! The rise in fuel prices, gasoline and heating oil, have been an immediate windfall, a pile of profits to match the pile of worker martyrs! Workers! Soldiers! Refuse the orders of the Putin clique and their project! No war on Kazakhs! No war on Ukrainians! Workers of the world unite!  

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is willing/offering to intervene to send troops if asked.To the Russian and Chinese troops: They want you to kill Kazakh workers, don’t do it! Refuse to leave your bases, arrest your officers, hold mass meetings,  form service persons unions, elect your own officers and build a revolutionary workers party to unite the workers of the world beginning with all Eurasian and  Chinese nationalities. Say no to war on Taiwan! Say no to war on India! Say no to another war in Ukraine!

For a new revolutionary workers International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution!

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