Ross Mirkarimi: Shill for the Ruling Class

29 Jan

Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

Fake leftist politician plays the family card like all the rest!

Fake leftist politician plays the family card like all the rest!

Protecting the capitalists’ right to extract surplus value from workers requires not only underemployment, stagnating wages, cuts in social programs and pensions, overpriced housing and increased medical insurance rates.  Its protection results in an increasing gap between the rich and poor and thus requires greater and greater security for the 1%, as well as protection for the 7% that found a spot as the 1%’s lapdogs, in the form of exclusive communities. And indeed, a big chunk of San Francisco has become one of these Toney havens.  Today capitalism requires private security, privatized transit, militarized police forces on one side and over-crowded prisons, non-functional schools and dead-end jobs on the other.  To hold it all together, this criminal surplus value extraction enterprise, celebrated by its benefactors by its right name-capitalism, requires willing enforcers. And fake leftists have, for decades…

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