8 Sep

Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

Dont worry democracy is onits way

US/NATO imperialists keep your bloody hands off Syria!
Mobilize to defeat Obama’s war against the
Syrian People and their Revolution!

The US/NATO threatens to launch missiles against regime targets in Syria. The revolutionaries on the ground have never asked for US/NATO to intervene militarily. They have asked for weapons to defeat Assad and received no heavy weapons. The US now admits that this is because it has no confidence it can prevent the Islamist elements from taking control of the war against Assad. Assad’s use of chemical weapons has forced the US to acknowledge that he will never ‘make peace’ and is giving impetus to the Islamist opposition. The prospects of a negotiated deal have vanished. So now US/NATO and Russia will to do a deal to remove Assad and replace him with a ‘friendly’ regime that will attempt to put a halt to the Syrian Revolution and the wider…

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