SWP (UK) in terminal decline – impressions from “Marxism” 2013

16 Jul


The IBT flew me over for the weekend to help with their presence at the SWP’s “Marxism”, including at an IBT fringe meeting on the Saturday.

That IBT meeting had a slightly better attendance than previous such meetings that I remember and despite the best efforts of the Spartacist League there was still some substantive discussion on the topic of fighting fascism. The general reception the IBT literature stall received was also good in terms of literature sold and interesting conversations had.

But the biggest changes I noticed was in terms of the SWP and the event overall. Most obvious was the numbers, hard to tell exactly but saying it was, at best, only half as big as ones I had attended 3 or 4 years ago would not be totally out of the ballpark. Next after that was the demographic (thanks to James T. for initially pointing this out…

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