EGYPTIAN CLASS COMBAT DEEPENS: On to the Mass Political Strike! Forward to workers councils!

15 Jul

Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

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In a photo syndicated by Associated Press, workers held aloft bumper stickers that read “Bye-Bye Mursi” in Arabic and “Game Over” in English. For Mursi himself, and perhaps also for the clique of Badei, the Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Guide,” now (7/12) once again said to be under arrest, the game that began last year with the Army/Muslim Brotherhood constitution deal, the deal of frustrating the masses and carrying on for Washington’s approval, is over. The masses put a stop to this regime. Leftists who are fixated on BBC reports and subsequent talking heads’ buzz of a military coup don’t realize who has been in power continuously but uninterruptedly since 1952. And they do not realize that the Army acted to remove Mursi by force after he had already been de facto removed by the resignations of his cabinet ministers.

This distinction between…

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