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18 May




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We welcome our readers to the first issue of REVOLUTIONARY WORKER, the organ of the Revolutionary Workers Group (RWG) of Zimbabwe. The RWG is a revolutionary Trotskyist combat organisation that fights for a socialist society and the overthrow of capitalism on a national and international level. We intend to produce the REVOLUTIONARY WORKER quarterly covering our perspectives, history, theoretical platform, program and interventions in the struggles by workers, poor peasants, small traders, the urban poor and all the oppressed sectors of society.

The RWG was  in July 2012 following a protracted struggle against the centrist ISO/IST (International Socialist Tendency) and the Morenist FLTI tendency which sought to hijack a reconstitution agenda and lead it into a blind alley of reformism and objectivism. We are part of the Liaison Committee, a revolutionary pre international, that comprise also the Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism (HWRS) of the USA and the Communist Workers Group (CWG) of New Zealand and together we strive to seek a revolutionary path to the founding of a healthy world socialist party based on the Transitional program of 1938.

The purpose of this organ is to lay bare before the workers our political platform, to win the workers and oppressed to socialism, build a revolutionary collective in Zimbabwe and to organise the workers, peasants, urban poor and all the oppressed in their struggles against the various manifestations of the capitalist system that threatens to send humanity to extinction through plunder, wars and crisis.

The first article is our critique of the Zimbabwean nation state through the international dynamic using a socialist analysis with emphasis on the regional reality and various forms of resistance that we have witnessed and also posing a way forward. We also touch on the role of South Africa in Zimbabwe’s  political and economic dynamic arguing that SA as a member of BRICS has a vested interest in the country on behalf of Chinese imperialism. In the same article we also look at the development of ZANU (PF) from ruling party under siege but now firmly in control of the state through an alliance with the MDC. Lastly we look at the role that has been played by ISO and various socialist formations which claim to champion the interests of the workers and the poor when in fact they are the left wings of imperialist domination.

Also included is our statement to all civil servants urging them to force their leadership to prepare for an indefinite strike demanding a living wage and improved working conditions. Already the union leadership is using every trick to try and frustrate the workers on the ground that has been lied to by the regime several times. Civil servants must organise rank and file committees to lead the action and be prepared to go forward if the leadership fails.


Greece has been the country where in recent times the struggle against austerity measures has reached a high point and the recent elections and political stalemate are indicative of this. We try to explain the situation by proffering our perspective to the workers, youths and all those fighting the imposition of austerity measures by the ruling class on behalf of local and European capitalists. We also look at the current attack on the poor by the Assad regime and Imperialism in Syria as a result of the failure by the Stalinist leadership to mobilise against the massive massacre of the workers and ordinary workers of Homs and other towns which is a result of Syria being a country where there is an intensifying confrontation between the two imperialist camps of US/NATO and China/Russia in the Middle East.

We also give an expose of what we stand for as a collective in terms of our political platform and Action program for all workers to see as we start our practical work. We will be grateful to receive feedback from all our readers on the contact details given above.

June 2012

The Editorial Board (RWG)





Coming from a decade of deep economic and political crisis caused by a combination of imperialist siege and ZANU dictatorship the economy of the Zimbabwe is yet to fully recover even on a capitalist basis. Unemployment is still high at over 90% with those lucky to be in employment earning way below the poverty datum line, itself way below the living wage. Working conditions have deteriorated with the capitalists and the state taking advantage of the situation to force a drop in the income of the workers who have sustained the crisis through slavery wages: We demand a sliding scale of wages and prices and employment for all who can work, working conditions should improve for all workers!

The majority of workers where sacked as a result of the adoption of austerity measures in the early 90’s and during the early years of the last decade as the ruling ZANU government was forced to attack white owned farms and companies in a life and death battle for political survival. This threw a lot of workers into informal employment which today accounts for the survival of many ordinary poor despite lack of support and attacks from the state as it tries to appease the local and foreign capitalists. So in Zimbabwe, as in many semi colonial countries, we have witnessed the emergency of small traders and vendors who are still inclined to look for jobs in an economy that is under siege from both the US led and Chinese led imperialism which in Zimbabwe has taken the form of the Government of National Unity (GNU): We demand the introduction of state projects to employ all the unemployed, the government must stop the attack on the vendors!

The poor peasants, who constitute about two thirds of the total population, have borne the brunt of the crisis through political and economic manipulation by ZANU. The land reform programme of the last decade only benefited a small minority of the peasants with the ZANU aligned petty bourgeoisie and labour aristocracy being the major beneficiaries and a key sector of the sustenance of the regime through its economic interests. The peasants still suffer from lack of land and means of subsistence which has grossly exposed them to the whims of the market and ruling parties battling for control of the national body politic: Land must be distributed to all poor peasants together with a state bank to provide inputs to all small farmers!

Added to this are the urban poor who comprise the unemployed majority hovering on the margins of existence who constitute the ever growing mass of the lumpen elements depending on the populist politics of the state for survival. In this group, women, youth and the sick make up the majority and extreme cases whose survival depends on the creation of jobs through the abolition of the capitalist relations which subordinate people’s livelihoods to the whims of the market. The wonton and brutal attack on the small vendors by the local authorities and police has made it even more difficult for the unemployed to sustain themselves. High customs duties on goods at the borders coupled with stringent conditions has also made it difficult if not impossible for small cross border traders to earn a living. It is clear that the government serves the interests of the big local and foreign capitalists making it difficult for the majority of unemployed to live and fend for their families. Jobs for all with a reduction in working hours until all who want to work can find a job!

Recently Copac (the parliamentary committee drafting the new national constitution) produced the final version of the national constitution which has drawn a lot of interest and comments from a broad range of society each expressing its interests either directly or otherwise. The charter is to all intents a capitalist licence for aggressive plunder with differences on how best each of the major parties intends to serve its capitalist imperialist masters and also the best way for the exclusive acquisition of state power. We are told that the draft has been taken to the principals (leaders of the parties in question) to resolve the political clauses of the charter which some have likened to the South African one which is a classic capitalist document. Workers and the ordinary poor cannot support such a document which intends to form the legal basis for an attack on the poor through providing the framework for draconian labour legislation that is already being demanded by the employers, imperialism and the state: We call on the workers and the oppressed groups to convene a congress of delegates from the working people, peasants, urban poor, youth and soldiers to come up with a constitution that guarantees a good life for all!

The MDC which aroused and squandered the hopes of a lot of workers and poor people still acts as a brake to the development of the struggle for a better life through its rhetoric of championing the plight of the ordinary poor when in fact they are the agents of US led imperialism as exposed by their recent economic blueprint which is an attack on the lives and future of the workers and the poor, as well as their record in government. The main trade unions are controlled by one or other  of the major parties in government and this has led to a deterioration of the living conditions of the workers as the agenda of workers is made subordinate to the interests of capital forced to attack further the already terrible conditions of the ordinary poor and oppressed as it struggles to survive the current recession in all the leading capitalist centres: Workers break with the MDC and ZANU(PF)and  form a workers party that truly champions the interests of the workers and the poor masses, form rank and file unions to lead action in all unions and break with the reformist trade union leadership!

Today as we speak the parties of the GNU at the behest of their foreign handlers and local capitalists are fighting over a new constitution or in fact over the mere political clauses of a new constitution because they have agreed or are agreed on the basic capitalist nature of our society and therefore their mutual duty to exploit the masses. The so called fight is nothing short of a political strategic fight ahead of an election that must decide which imperialist power will dominate the capitalist plunder and exploitation of the working poor through austerity measures and direct oppression of the ordinary populace as well as determine the local petty bourgeoisie to benefit from the crumbs of that domination: For a workers state that defends workers and peasants against the local and foreign capitalists!

Many have put their faith in the so called mediation efforts of SA through its leaders and on behalf of the regional bloc SADC without appreciating the interests of SA in the current national crisis. South Africa as a member of BRICS dominated by China makes it more pliable to Chinese interests whose objective is to safeguard its business interests here as well as guarantee the continued exploitation of natural and human resources. Added to this is the fact that China is SA’s biggest trading partner and one can discern that the objective of the so called mediation is to ensure a managed revival of ZANU in the wake of opposition by the US funded MDC and the weakening of the MDC through exposing it to the populace and thus lowering the level of the protest vote: No to US and Chinese imperialism fronted by the parties of the GNU! No to SA mediation meant to hoodwink the workers and poor!

The International Socialist Organisation (ISO) like its sister organisation in Egypt is committed to the protection of the capitalist system by acting as the left leg of the regime through offering a stagiest approach to social revolution and thereby subordinating the question of workers power to a social democracy agenda that has been exposed in Greece and several countries. For its part the FLTI aligned Workers Internationalist League (WIL) fails to appreciate the crisis and therefore a correct program through its insistence that China is a colony of the US that is being used by the latter to amass resources on behalf of US imperialism. We on our part, basing on the theory of permanent revolution and characterising China as an emerging imperialist power, offer a program whose central tenets are the organisation of the workers and the ordinary masses to take power and resolve the question of hunger and deprivation in alliance with workers of the world: No to reformism and fake Trotskyism, build a fighting socialist party!

All this must be seen in the context of a global crisis of capitalism whose latest episode started around 2008 with the credit crunch and whose current manifestation is seen more clearly in countries like Greece, Spain and Italy whilst the rest of the semi colonial world suffer immense hardships as the costs of paying for the crisis is put on the shoulders of the weaker countries and ultimately on the workers through attacks on wages and living conditions. The emergence of China as an imperialist nation in the age of capitalist decline has sharpened the antagonism between the workers and capital as the struggle for productivity intensifies fuelled by the rise of Chinese capital on the back of cheap labour and slave capitalist conditions: For a workers and peasants’ government on the basis of the armed people to implement decisions that benefit the workers and the poor.

The crisis has seen the emergence of struggles across the world of which the most spectacular are the revolts in the Arab world whose outcomes are still to be decided; the occupy wall street movement which hit the major capitalist centre; the fights against austerity in the European nations which today have expressed its undying zeal in France, Greece, Italy, Nigeria, South Africa and Spain among others. We also witnessed the revolts by the poor youths and workers in the UK and the recent strike by the students in Canada. All this is testimony to the growing antagonism between the vicious nature of capitalism in its death throes and the anger of the masses that are forced every day to shoulder the pain of a crumbling system that threatens to send humanity to extinction. Therefore the choice of socialism or barbarism is posed more blankly and in urgent terms: Workers form action committees to lead the resistance to the growing attacks on the wages and working conditions of the poor and the livelihood of the majority poor!

Within the region we have also witnessed several struggles by the ordinary poor in countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Malawi which have amply proved the transnational nature of the capitalist crisis in its degenerating and predatory phase. The revolts of the poor in Nigeria and the several North African nations have posed the question of power more bluntly now putting the imperialistsinto over drive in a desperate attempt to weaken, hijack, attack and even annihilate the struggles of the masses around the globe. We salute the workers and poor masses who have taken it upon themselves the cudgels of the struggle for a decent life free of exploitation and oppression of the majority by the minority. Here in Zimbabwe there is a rich tradition of resistance and struggle against exploitation and oppression with the latest examples being the 2008 revolts by the workers and the poor following a disputed election but which was betrayed by the MDC and its allies in the civil community: For an African socialist revolution as part of the international revolution that alone can guarantee a better life for all!

For a new world party of socialist revolution based on the Transitional Program of 1938 to lead the revolution to end capitalism and open the road to socialism!






Civil servants are earning way below the poverty datum line and are working in deteriorating conditions. Early this year civil servants went on strike demanding a living wage and improved working conditions. The leadership of the civil servants, the Apex council, despite pressure from below did everything it could to squander the anger and energy of the workers who were determined to face the state head on. Instead, and coupled with various political undertones within the unions, the workers where led down a blind alley resulting in an obscene increment on allowances and a non-binding promise by the Prime Minister to look into the issue.

Three months down the line the PM and government are still looking into the issue whilst they have resolved to award themselves salary increments and procure new vehicles for top officials. Only a fool will still believe that the government is sincere about the plight of its workers who are forced to do double jobs and engage in exorbitant borrowings to be able to survive. The civil service has been one of the most militant sector especially the teachers who have borne the brunt of poor wages and harassment by political parties. All the union leaders have proved unable to take effective action that the government really understands such as a civil service wide indefinite general strike that paralyses government business and make the employers really look into the issue.

Ordinary workers on the ground should immediately form ACTION COMMITEES to force the leadership to prepare for action and if that fails take over the leadership of the action. The unions have announced that they are giving the state up to next month to resolve the issue after which they say they will consult their members on the best action to take. There is no need for any delay let alone to consult the already angry workers who are itching for a fight as they can take no more. The RWG has always supported the workers in their fights and today we are ready to help organise for a strike that hits at the core of state operations and wins the demands of the workers.

The workers should be prepared for the fight against a proposal to amend the current labour laws ostensibly to harmonise the regulations for the public sector workers and private sector workers when in fact the real purpose is to reverse the minimal gains in the current labour law won by the workers after a protracted struggle. Employers are already calling for the repeal of the labour law citing that it is not business friendly as it makes it difficult for them to easily dismiss and victimise workers. Instead any repeal to the laws should strengthen the position of workers against the predatory capitalist machinations. The recent state aided split in the trade union federations should be seen in this context: the state is preparing the ground for an all-out and vicious attack on the workers as demanded by imperialism which is fighting to regain profitability.

To that effect a strike by the civil servants must be joined by all workers in the private sector as well as all the unemployed to build a general strike that clearly poses the demands of the workers for a living wage and better living conditions for all.




The Revolutionary Workers Group (RWG) Zimbabwe is a combat revolutionary Trotskyist organisation of the working class and all the oppressed. The RWG stands on the theory and practice of the revolutionary workers movement associated with the names of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky.

We fight to eliminate the system of capitalism and replace it with a socialist collective at an international scale through a socialist revolution that necessarily must be characterised by armed insurrection and civil war against the capitalist class.

We fight for the unity of all fighting and genuine organisations of the poor and the oppressed whilst keeping an eye to the dangerous policies of social democratic, pseudo-revolutionary and liberal groups bent on obstructing workers and the poor.

Only with a revolutionary world socialist party fighting as the leadership of the workers can the working class and the poor win. We are fighting for the construction of such a party. If you agree with us then join us




A bloody attack on the workers and the poor is taking place in Syria where the murderous Assad regime supported by China, Russia, Iran are killing thousands of civilians, men women and children in a desperate attempt to remain in power. What started in the ‘Days of Rage’ in February 2011 as a revolt by the masses was part of the ‘Arab Spring’ –actually a reactivated democratic revolution to overthrow dictators –that had swept across North Africa from Tunisia where the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi in December 2011 sparked an insurrection, to Egypt in January where the dictator President Mubarak fell.  While in those two countries the uprisings led to the fall of dictatorships, the authoritarian regimes that backed them have not fallen so easily. Elections in both Tunisia and Egypt have brought the momentum of the revolution to a halt.

In Libya the brutal attack by Kaddafi on the February 18 uprising led to an 8 month civil war and the intervention of NATO. Kaddafi was overthrown and an Interim Government put in place but an unstable dual power situation exists. While the revolutionary militias remain armed the Government has to negotiate the terms of a new Constitution. Again the democratic revolution has been frozen by bourgeois elections but the rule of imperialism has as yet not been re-imposed.

In Syria the insurrection was sparked by Assad’s brutality in killing young protestors on the street. It rapidly spread to most parts of Syria where Local Coordination Committees of mainly youth protesters were formed. These Committees adopted a simple 3 point program of unarmed, non-sectarian resistance, and no foreign intervention which are still largely unchanged. Exiled opposition groups like the Syrian National Committee, were more inclined to call on UN intervention as in Libya. So far this has been blocked by China and Russia who have close ties to Syria and to Iran which is a major backer of the Baathist regime in Syria. 

The UN finally got agreement in the last month to put unarmed observers in Syria but this has not stopped the regime’s killings. As Assad’s repression has continued to grow so has the resistance and more and more military personnel have defected to the opposition and formed the Free Syria Army and several other smaller militias. Reports from Syria show that there is no direct US/NATO intervention in the armed resistance which is too weak as yet to go on the offensive.

The revolutionary left has taken widely diverging views of the civil war in Syria. One camp takes the view that the insurrection is a proxy for US/NATO intervention for regime change like they think happened in Libya. Some think it a CIA plot as they did in Libya. For them no Arab country can have an uprising unless it is organised by the CIA! Or Al Qaeda, or Big Oil. It seems that the weaker the Western left is the more it believes in the almighty power of forces beyond its control.

While there are reasons why the US/NATO powers would want to see Assad removed, these are not pressing and so far the US has limited itself to low key statements about arming the resistance. For one thing Assad and his father before him made speeches against Israel but never challenged Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights. Nor has Syria ever helped the Palestinian struggle. It peacefully co-exists with the US/NATO/Israel power bloc in the Middle East.

Second, unlike Kaddafi, Assad’s regime does not stand in the way of any big oil reserves. So there is no pressing need to form a coalition of the willing to grab the oil. With so little to gain attacking Assad would force a direct confrontation with Russia and China, the new emerging imperialist bloc that is now challenging US/NATO for control over the Middle East. The US/NATO/Israel camp is already fixated on Iran which has nearly as much oil and gas as the Middle East which it wants badly. And the targeting of Iran has long been sold as necessary to stop its nuclear arming, not the arming of Syrian Shiites. Thus the US does not want to buy a fight with its heavy imperialist rivals over poor Syria. Further, there is no evidence, despite the many calls by the various factions of the Syrian national bourgeois for UN intervention to oust Assad, that the resistance is in any way directed or backed by the US or NATO powers. These popular and revolutionary initiatives of the poor and young people have not been hijacked by imperialists –so far.

Revolutionaries need to reject these one-eyed conspiracy theories as no more than social imperialism which says that no semi-colonial people can possibly defeat a dictatorship unless they follow the instructions of tiny self-styled revolutionary groups in the imperialist West. Bolshevik-Leninists put these fantasies aside and understand that the Syrian uprising is part of the Arab Democratic revolution and should support the resistance in every way possible. That includes calling on workers everywhere to provide weapons and international fighters to defeat the regime. We must oppose any direct military intervention by the UN/NATO on the side of the resistance fighters because they could lead to their hijacking. Our position is for the defeat of imperialism, both US/NATO/Israel and Russia/China, in any open proxy war in Syria. We should call for the Local Coordination Committees to form a national coalition behind two points of its 3 point program –opposition to foreign military intervention and to sectarian divisions in the resistance. Of course we would argue that reality has already proven that a peaceful, unarmed revolution is impossible.

At the same time we must also oppose any military support for the Assad regime by the other imperialist camp –Russia and China. Like in Libya and Kaddafi we cannot support a military alliance with Assad against a US/NATO intervention if, first; Assad continues to kill the resistance fighters, and second; Assad is being armed and supported by Russia/China. Our position must be for the armed independence of the resistance fighters from any Syrian bourgeois forces that are subordinated to any imperialist power, for the defeat of the Assad regime, for a united opposition to form a national popular militia, for the defeat of imperialism, and the creation of a provisional government based on the delegates of all the opposition forces who are active in the resistance.

While the revolutionary left is almost non-existent in Syria, it is necessary for Trotskyist-Leninists who have comrades in Syria or the other Arab states in the region to unite their forces around Trotsky’s Permanent Revolution. This means actively raising the Transitional Program inside the resistance to convince the revolutionary fighters that even the most basic democratic tasks, such as freedom of assembly, self-defence, political democracy, women’s rights, youth rights, for a non-sectarian republic, for re-distribution of land to the small farmers, etc., means we must fight for workers councils, workers militias, a national assembly of councils, a Workers and Peasants Government and a socialist revolution.

For the completion of the democratic revolution as a permanent revolution for a Syrian Socialist Republic in a Federation of Socialist Republics in the Middle East!



  Perhaps in no other country is the question of the survival of the productive forces posed as luridly as it is in Greece right now.  The working class is battered, bleeding, swollen- there is nothing unique in that part of their situation-but it is answering the bell for the next round!  This appears as another poll of strength in the approaching June 17th elections. We oppose these elections. They are an exercise in preserving the bourgeois power under and behind a ‘democratic’ subterfuge. Only on condition of the formation of a genuine workers parties’ united front for the expressed project of forming a “Workers Government,” and excluding of the PASOK, which is a bourgeois-workers party, would we have anything to do with the national election or offer candidates support of any kind.


  But we raise no hopes that this electoral united front will take place. The demonstrated class-political interests of the electoral players and the history and programs of their parties yell from the rooftops against it. A true revolutionary Marxist party of the working class would go through any and all experiences with the Greek workers, but would not be silenced when pointing out that consciousness lags behind objective conditions; that in fact all options for continued bourgeois rule are really already exhausted, that only repetitions of the policies that brought our class to this impasse are forthcoming from new parliamentary shuffles.


  You are losing your homes and even your kids to adoption and abandonment! How long do we stand for that?  Only our own confusion as a class about what we can and should do now keeps us out of power. Such power would not be a bourgeois parliament of any kind, but a workers state power, a dictatorship of the proletariat.


   Were a “Workers Government,” such as some trade union functionaries envision, to come about as a result of parliamentary elections, there is no reason to expect the capitalists to respect the legality of the result. Immediately the workers would face three challenges or a combined threat: coup d’état, NATO invasion or a fascist uprising. Allende repeated will always be defeated!


   Neither would this parliamentary “workers government” be of any more than momentary use to the working class in escaping the crushing weight of the capitalist crisis.  Consider how the unelected back rooms of parliament are staffed with thousands of servants of the capitalists, each with a secret history of allegiances. Consider how ostensible workers parties like the KKE, whom we call Stalinists (for good historical reasons), have many times in recent years shown their “patriotic” colours, and always at the expense of the immigrant workers and national minorities. Consider how SYRIZA is modelling for a new role as a Social Democracy, already forgetting their pose of a month ago as opponents of the Eurozone troika. Encouraged by the victory of Hollande in France and his “pro-growth” Eurobond ideas, and likewise cheered by some hollow pro-growth quotes from Obama at the NATO summit in Chicago, SYRIZA is now looking to win votes at PASOK’s expense. It is turning rightward and suggesting that Greece can pay what it owes the French and German banks, if only it could have better terms. Therefore tendencies who prescribe this united front government formula now are, in our view, deluding the workers; and that’s what we’ll repeat until or unless they take the lead to organize workers councils and workers militias and make dual power a fact right away, preparing to sweep away the bourgeois state once and for all. It is compulsory to face the arrival of the time of the life-or-death struggle for power. This struggle is going to sort out those who think otherwise.   


  Meanwhile the fascist “Golden Dawn” party is organizing the ruined shopkeepers, and racist skinheads who never had a job.  They don’t grow as a result of disillusion in New Democracy, who never did offer them anything. With significant support from the police “Golden Dawn” received 7% of the vote last month, and will also grow at social-democracy’s expense. They know what they want and like their chances. The skinhead youth believe fascism offers them jobs, and in a country where the official youth unemployment rate is 51% (TIME April 19th 2012) this matters above all considerations.


   Workers Councils must form up and recognize this danger for what it is. Workers Militias are needed to smash fascism in the egg! This organizing must begin in the workplace, among the students, immigrant workers and unemployed, and there isn’t a moment to lose!  A revolutionary party would bring a transitional program to the workers and youth to forge a united front around demands that answer the crisis of capitalism.  Such a party is needed to break the rank and file from the reformists, Stalinists and social-Democrats who hold back the creation of workers councils and workers militia!


  To smash fascism the advanced workers must also organize among the rank and file in the armed forces, which are truly enormous for a country with 2.5% of the European economy. Enlisted personnel need unions and workers’ councils of their own!   So that fascists will not be able to put them up to a civil war for the benefit of parasitic imperialist banks and now also including Chinese imperialism (which just bought a major Greek port at Piraeus!).  Soldiers, sailors, airmen and veterans need to arm and train the workers militias so that the police cannot shepherd the growth of the fascist street gangs and lead them against the workers. Workers in uniform know or will soon discover that the fascist punk and his racist police protector are no supermen. 


Workers of all countries unite! We have a world to win and nothing to lose but our chains! 





THE INTERNATIONALE (first stanza and chorus only)

Arise ye workers from your slumbers

Arise ye prisoners of want

For reason in revolt now thunders

And at last ends the age of cant.

Away with all your superstitions

Servile masses arise, arise

We’ll change henceforth the old tradition

And spurn the dust to win the prize.


So comrades, come rally

And the last fight let us face

The Internationale unites the human race.

So comrades, come rally

And the last fight let us face

The Internationale unites the human race.













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