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18 May

Internationalist News and Analysis

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United States
South Korea & Allies:
Hands Off North Korea!
Down with UN sanctions!
Defeat the imperialist war drive

against North Korea!
Obama at the DMZ prior to the March 2012 Seoul
Summit, where he warned North Korea
as part of US imperialist war drive in East Asia
(Pool/Yonhap News via Bloomberg)

In the first week of April the
United States along with South Korea
and its other allies continued its escalation
against the North Korean (DPRK)
bureaucratically deformed workers state
(DWS), one of the historic gains for the
international working class in the aftermath
of World War II. South Korea on
April 5th deployed two Aegis destroyers
to monitor North Korea, while 2500
US marines have deployed to Australia
and there has been a military buildup in
Guam as well. Under the pretext of the
DPRK developing a nuclear weapons capability,
the United States, the only nation
to ever use nuclear weapons in a war, is
going after the North Korean regime to
promote its imperialist interests in the
region. This is scare-mongering by the
Obama administration to rally support for
their adventures, much like the “Weapons
of Mass Destruction” claim used by the
Bush administration to wage war on Iraq.
The DPRK has no capacity to hit the USA
with long range missiles or any nuclear

North Korea possesses zero nuclear
warheads! No reports that can be independently
verified estimate any North
Korean delivery systems capability in
the next five years. Meanwhile, the US,
which has about 8,000 nuclear warheads

Cont pg 3.



South African Troops doing imperialism’s work in C.A.R.

On the 24th of March 2013 the Seleka rebel
coalition took control of the capital of the Central
African Republic (CAR) forcing president
Bozize, who had unsuccessfully appealed to
the French and American imperialists for military
support against rebels, was forced to flee
the country. The rebel leader, Michel Djotodia,
has since dissolved the constitution of 2004
and has declared himself president and minister
of defence for the three year transitional
period that will pave way for new constitution
and elections. Djotodia indicates he will be
redirecting contracts previously favourable to
the Chinese to the Western Imperialist businesses.
Ultimately this fighting, devastating
one of the poorest nations, accelerating a serious
humanitarian crisis including widespread
abuses, looting and persecution is the face
of the inter imperialist struggle between the
emergent Chinese imperialism, their proxy the
South African Defence Force (SADF) and the
Western imperialists. The African Union (AU)

has suspended the CAR and will not recognise
the rebels further imposing sanctions with the

Cont pg .6 Col. 3

Defend and Extend the Johnson
County SEATS Service for the
Disabled and Elderly!
Absolutely No Cuts in City or
County Social Services!
Reinstate UIHC Patient
Transport Services!

As the cuts by the majority Democratic
Party Johnson County Board of Supervisors
to the vital SEATS para-transit service
for the disabled and elderly has proven
unpopular in the general community, it
appears that the County and municipalities
are about to enter into negotiations to reach
some agreement. (Press Citizen, Mar 21,
2013, “County, cities to meet and negotiate
SEATS funding Wed”). Along with the
University of Iowa Hospitals (UIHC) eliminating
the Patient Transport Services this
year, these austerity measures are becoming
a life and death matter as those who
most depend on these services are increasingly
forced to choose between healthcare,
food or housing. This is especially true for
those on fixed incomes, such as the elderly.
This is a question of quality of life “All of
my rides with SEATS are medical, I never
use it for anything personal. It’s very important
for me,” Galdner said. “SEATS is
my survival.” (Press Citizen Feb 17, 2013)
And demand is increasing even as cuts are
proposed. As far

Cont. pg. 5. col1

Hands off North Korea pg 1
Defeat the Coup in CAR pg 1
Defend Johnson county SEATS program pg 1
Build United Front defense of Syrian Rev. pg 2

Labor Leadership & Dems abandon SEATS pg 7
Free Lynne Stewart pg 8
Chicago decades of Police Terror pg 8
Public Workers: California & beyond pg10
Zimbabwe: Boycott the Election pg15
Guantanamo Hunger Strike pg17
CLASS Memory: Argentina pg17
Zimbabwe: Defeat the Popular Front pg20
Remembering the Iron Lackey pg21


Build a United Front Defense of the Syrian Revolution

For International Labor defense to stop the massacre
of the Syrian workers and masses at the hands of the
butcher Al-Assad!

Build international demonstrations political strikes
and labor actions!

US/French/NATO/Russia: Hands off the Middle East
and North Africa!
No to UN intervention! Defend the Palestinians!

The liaison Committee of Communists calls on the
international working class,

all socialist and leftist organi

working class united front

zations to build a united front

defense of the Syrian Revo

defense of the Syrian masses,

lution must give absolutely

who rose up in 2011 as part

no political support to the

of the Arab Spring and have

comprador bourgeois and

been under brutal attack by the

petty bourgeois intellectu

al-Assad regime. We call on

als, especially the ex-As

workers in the US and on all

sad generals who will act

continents and especially those

to abort the revolution and

of Turkey and lebanon to rally

pave a path to power for the

our class’s resources in defense

new wanna-be lapdogs of

of the oppressed Syrian mass-

imperialism gathered as the


SNC. likewise the united

The life or death sit

uation of Syrians with democratic
aspirations could not wait for the emergence of a revolutionary
proletarian vanguard party to defend themselves and
advance their liberation. The Arab spring moment presented
the Syrian masses with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to attempt
to put an end to the murderous regime.

Al-Assad maneuvers between imperialisms but always
at the expense of the masses. For years he has been the go-to
guy for US imperialism which outsourced torture to his secret
prisons. At the same time US intelligence and media helped the
Zionist gendarmes reign in Syria’s nuclear program. US impe-
rialism/NATO/UN have tolerated al-Assad as long as he helped
contain the Arab masses in general and the Palestinian revolution
in particular.

The US has deliberately stopped the supply of Surface
to Air Missiles (SAMs) reaching the Free Syrian Army (FSA) for
fear they would be used against Israel. The street fighters remain
in large part dependent on munitions captured from Syrian regulars.
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Kerry promises $60 million
of “non lethal aid,” dangling a carrot in front of the comprador
forces assembling around the leadership of the SNC. Russia
and China are supporting Assad and US/Israel are trying to negotiate
a solution to prevent a revolution that could destabilize US/
Zionist rule in Middle East and North Africa (MENA.) At the
same time there remains a layer of social-chauvinists among the
left currents who are calling on US, EU, UN to intervene. No to
US/NATO intervention!

The international working class has a side in this civil
war. Instead of abstentionism or siding with Assad, socialists,
anti-capitalists and all workers need to support the turning

 MAY 2013

Arab street’s opposition to dictatorial regimes and against imperialism
into labor actions and mobilizations of the entire international
working class to support the uprising. Yet despite their pretenses
to being the representatives of and defenders of the working class’s
interests, the American “left,” the trade union bureaucracy, social
democrats, Stalinists, Castroites, Bolivarians, anarchists and the
renegades of Trotskyism have all been silent, are abstentionists or
are openly supporting al-Assad.

The working class’s interest is in increasing the power of
the democratically controlled militias and turning the local Coordinating
Committees (lCCs) into workers councils. As the task
for the international working class is to support the armed struggle
against the regime, a united front of workers organizations is needed
to bloc militarily with the secular opposition to the brutal Syrian
Ba’ath regime.

While doing so the

front should refuse any political
support to the Jihadist opposition groups! They are a reactionary
anti-democratic force which is already attempting to impose
Sharia law, pull down the FSA flags, arrest people, etc. The task of
the workers united front is to elevate the strength and power of the
secular and working class forces at the bourgeois comprador and
Islamist Jihadists’ expense.

It is urgent that the masses break from the dead-end leadership
of these elements and that the Syrian and Middle Eastern
working class organize as a class and rise to the leadership of these
struggles, expanding them into a fight for workers power.

We call on the international working class to mobilize in
defense of our class brothers and sisters in Syria and the Middle
East against imperialism and their own ruling classes (and for those
in the imperialist countries in the first place their own ruling class.)
Adopting the proposals emerging from the advanced combat detachments
in libya, Tunisia, and Palestine, our united front must
advocate for and build up self-defense pickets of the internationalist
working class who initiate actions of solidarity, such as rallies,
mass mobilizations, political strikes, and labor interventions in the
distribution of military supplies.

In concrete terms an internationalist labor defense of the
Syrian masses needs to materially confront imperialism in Syria.
In Russia and China this means workers must unite to oppose their
own government’s support for Assad including taking labor actions
to stop arms shipments to the regime. The key tasks of a united
front in the US and EU is for workers to organize and provide military
aid to the revolution. Without man portable surface to air
missiles and other SAMs the masses are at the mercy of Assad’s air

From the United States to Spain to South Africa to China 7 Col 2


North Korea Cont.from pg 1 col.1

ready for use, also has ABM missiles deployed in Alaska and themselves are an act of war and lead to actual shooting wars.
Guam. ABM’s are not a defensive system but an offensive system The Korean and Chinese people paid dearly for their revolutions.
based on maintaining First Strike capability. It can hit missiles Their post war revolutionary opposition to US imperialism,
on their liftoff minutes before they reach the apex of trajectory. which sought to replace Japanese colonialism with American
In an operational scenario the USA hegemony, collided with crimistrikes
first, and then Russia or Chi

nal US provocations resulting in
na launch with their depleted reac

a Korean War that left 4 million
tion force, then the ABM can hit the

Koreans and 1 million Chinese
depleted enemy reaction force. This

dead. The working class must
is an offensive system aimed at Chi-

place the blame for the misery of
na, not Korea, which is not a threat

the Korean people squarely on
to the United States. Japan’s cur-

the back of imperialism. And we
rent Prime Minister Abe, who hails

warn the masses that today the
from a war criminal family, wants to

Chinese Stalinists are unwilling
rearm Japan with nuclear weapons.

to provide the backbone of sup-
The five permanent members of this

port for the beleaguered DWS,
UN Security Council which imposed

which is now bristling with false
sanctions on North Korea: USA,

bravado in the face of imperialist
Russia, China, France and Britain all

war exercises within binocular
possess nuclear weapons. The Unit-range. For the Chinese Commued
Nations is a reactionary tool nist Party a slow restoration

U.S. military officers overseeing South Korean executions of civilians
of the major powers to stamp of capitalism and the integra

“suspected of collaborating” with the “communists,”near Taegu, south

approval on imperialist adven-tion and transformation of

Korea, April 1951. Photo taken by U.S. Korean Military Advisory Group

tures. When they cannot agree, the DPRK into a semi-col

the individual powers do as they
please in any case.

While undoubtedly United States would like to overthrow
the North Korean deformed workers state, their larger aims in this
whole affair are to assert U.S. imperialist authority in East Asia
and the Pacific, primarily against the emerging imperialist power
of China. As part of its inter-imperialist war drive against China,
these actions by the US are really about encircling and spending
China to death. This standoff is less about Korea and more about
the struggle between emergent imperialist China and its attempt to
control its own back yard and beyond and the dominant imperialist
thug attempting to maintain hegemony. Conflict between United
States, its Japanese ally, and China spell increased imperialist rivalry
as Mother Jones reported in January, 2013 in an article entitled
Will China-Japan-US Tensions Sink the Global Economy?:

“…a potential crisis of far greater magnitude, and potentially
far more imminent than most of us imagine. China’s determination
to assert control over disputed islands in the potentially
energy-rich waters of the East and South China Seas, in
the face of stiffening resistance from Japan and the Philippines
along with greater regional assertiveness by the United States,
spells trouble not just regionally, but potentially globally.”

For its part, while capitalist China would like to see the
collectivized economy of the DPRK overthrown and capitalism
restored, they certainly do not want it done by the United States,
as that would place the United States strategically on their border.
However, China doesn’t want to shed blood for North Korea
or mess up their economic relationship with the Unites States
at this time. China owns 54% of the US debt. After the nuclear
test in February, the United Nations imposed a new round of
sanctions against the DPRK, and Beijing helped create these.
The economic sanctions have created conditions of starvation,
much like the UN sanctions against Iraq led to the deaths of an
estimated 1 million Iraqis from disease and hunger. Embargoes

ony was on the agenda.
They do not care one wit to defend the workers’ property
that remains in Korea, in fact they have eyes on it, but
they will not tolerate capitalist reintegration directed from
the south which leaves the US military on the Yalu River.

US Provocations Against North Korea

The Wall Street Journal and CNN revealed on April 4th that
the Obama administration had created “the playbook,” a stepby-
step saber-rattling plan that the Pentagon was following.
This included deployments to South Korea of nuclear capable
B-52 bombers, B-2 bombers, and F-22 Raptor fighters
in March. This plan was concocted months ago as the brainstorm
of former defense secretary leon Panetta and approved
by current defense secretary Chuck Hagel. The US commander
of the Strategic Air Command during both the Korean War
and the early Vietnam War years, Curtis lemay, said he would
not leave one brick standing on top of another brick in North
Korea…and he did that with a massive bombing campaign.
More bombs were dropped by the US on North Korea during
the three years of the Korean War, 1950-53, than in all of
World War II. No wonder North Korea is a little miffed when
the United States flies B52’s and B2’s over the region.

All this has echoes of the Cuban Missile Crisis when
Kennedy brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war in his
drive to destroy the Cuban Revolution. And Obama has proven
himself as reckless as “the bombing starts in five minutes”
Reagan, an outburst in the Cold War aimed against the Soviet
degenerated workers state. In a series of deliberate provocations,
the United States has engaged in a risky series of actions that
apparently they are having second thoughts about now. Amid
concerns that the US provocations “could lead to miscalculations”
by North Korea, unnamed American officials have stated
that Washington was now stepping back. That miscalculation

Cont Pg 4


North Korea Cont from pg 3

could include considering the 1.1 million strong active DPRK
army, their 180,000 special operations forces and their 8 million
reservists. The United States may have the technological superiority,
but it would be a bloody war.

US Imperialists are the Real Threat

The imperialist butchers of the United States have a lot
of gall condemning North Korea for wanting weapons to defend
themselves. After destroying North Korea’s 78 cities and thousands
of her villages, and killing countless numbers of her civilians,
US General lemay remarked, “Over a period of three years
or so we killed off – what – twenty percent of the population.”
This amounted to an estimated 4 million Korean civilians killed.
North Korea actually lost close to thirty percent of its population
as a result of US-led bombings in the 1950s, while the United
States military and their South Korean allies committed atrocities
against civilians, like the now well-known No Gun Ri massacre
of men, women and children. These war crimes were continued
into the next decade in Vietnam, through executions, napalming,
and the burning of Vietnamese villages and the carpet-bombing of
North Vietnamese cities. My lai has become synonymous with
20th Century imperialist war crimes. The US ruling class’ criminal
actions continued into the 21st Century with their butchery in
Afghanistan and Iraq, as documented by Wikileaks. PFC Bradley
Manning is being made a scapegoat for these leaks. We demand
his freedom.

In World War II, the United States used nuclear weapons
for the only time in history, not once, but twice, murdering
hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians. This followed the
campaign of fire-bombing (that also took place in Europe), which
were just as devastating. The atomic bombing of Japan served no
real military purpose and was primarily a warning to the bureaucratically
degenerated workers state of the Soviet Union whose
Red Army had moved into Northeast China, Korea and Manchuria,
liberating it from Japanese oppression. As Admiral William

D. leahy, President Truman’s Chief of Staff–and the top official
who presided over meetings of both the Joint Chiefs of Staff and
the Combined U.S.-U.K. Chiefs of Staff, stated:
“[T]he use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese
were already defeated and ready to surrender. . . . “

For International Working Class Defense of North
Korea Against All Imperialists!
For Workers Political Revolution in North Korea!
For Socialist Revolution from China to
South Korea to Japan!

The international working class has a real interest in defending
the collectivized property of the DPRK against the imperialist
powers, despite the bureaucratic Stalinist leadership. This
is especially true for the American, South Korean, Japanese and
Chinese working class. The Obama administration that is threatening
the DPRK is also deploying the Coast Guard as scab-herders
to break the West Coast IlWU struggle. The international
working class is under all-out attack by capital on every continent.

Just as workers would defend the trade unions or a labor strike
against the capitalist state and the bosses, despite any bureaucratic
leaderships, so should they defend the North Korean workers state
without giving one ounce of political support to the North Korean
Stalinist regime. Rising to the defense of our working class sisters
and brothers of North Korea and the working class gains (collectivized
property, planned economy, state monopoly of foreign
trade) of the deformed North Korean workers state requires not
only rallies and demonstrations, but above all labor actions organized
on an international basis. These actions would include labor
boycotts, hot-cargoing of military goods, particularly by port and
transport workers, as well as labor political strikes against “our”
ruling class’ war actions. The main enemy is at home! Just as with
the heroic victory of the Vietnamese masses against US imperialism,
a defeat for US imperialism in East Asia today would help to
curb American military ambitions and be a victory for the working
class and all the oppressed of the world.

Workers need to call for and try to organize rank-andfile
soldiers and sailors committees in the US, South Korean and
other imperialist armies that would arrest the officers and cease
any conflict, fraternizing with their working class brothers and sisters
across the front lines. Workers need to organize revolutionary
workers parties in their own countries to organize against their
own ruling class and abolish this system of exploitation that breeds
poverty, racism and war.

For the working class there is only one way out and that
is internationalist to the core. To defend the gains in social production
and distribution achieved in the Korean DWS the parasitic
bureaucracy must be defeated. Yet the North Korean workers
cannot do this alone, as the military actions of imperialism will
increase tenfold to stop a working class upsurge in the north. To
win the political revolution in the north must link with the workers
in the south and complete the expropriation of the bourgeoisie on
the Korean peninsula and drive out imperialist forces. This scenario
is feared as much by the CCP as it is by the South Korean
bourgeoisie, Japanese and American imperialists. All these forces
are arrayed against the North Korean workers, whose destiny
depends on the ability of the Chinese and American workers to
join hands across the pacific vowing to defeat their own imperialist
bourgeoisie and turning the war drive toward WWIII into the
socialist revolution. We call on all workers organizations in the
USA, JAPAN and CHINA to commence labor actions against
the bosses’ war drive. We know that when they kill us in our
millions their stock portfolios swell. We know the North Korean
and Chinese workers are not our enemies. Our enemies are the big
capitalists driving the nation-states toward war.

As Murray Weiss, a spokesman for the Trotskyist majority
led by James P. Cannon (Founder of American Trotskyism,)
wrote in answer to the “Third Camp” minority:

“[I]t was this slight misconception as to who was the main enemy

that helped to bury the German revolution. “For the Marxists, the

main enemy of the Russian working class, as well as the international
working class, is the class enemy…. The Bolshevik-Leninists

in the U.S.S.R. will be the best fighters and because of that they

will tell the Russian workers the truth: In order to win this war
against imperialism we must overthrow the traitor Stalin and appeal
to the revolutionary working class of the world to come to our
aid.”(our emphasis)

Cont pg. 5.


North Korea cont. from pg. 4;

–“Marxist Criteria and the Character of the
War,” [SWP] Internal Bulletin, February

As capitalism everywhere continues
to reel from its systemic crisis, it is ever
more vital that the international working
class organize struggle against this system of
exploitation and war, before the imperialist
madmen embroil the world in another major,
possibly nuclear, war. We must stop any
war escalating into a 3rd World War that will
destroy the working class as well as civilization.


•Mother Jones:
•Global Issues:
•Global Research:
SEATS Cont. from Pg. 1 col.3

as the Communist Workers Group (CWG) is
concerned, SEATS should be extended as a
free, seven-day a week, fully-funded public
service county-wide. And UIHC Patient
Transport Services needs to be likewise reinstated
as a state-wide service as part of a

fight for free, quality healthcare for all!

Don’t be fooled by these SEATS
funding negotiations! The County Board
even admits that they will impose other cuts,
drawing from reserves or a general levy tax;
placing the burden of austerity primarily on
the working class and the poor, who are already
taxed enough to pay for these services
and are facing increasing hardship as the social
gains of the past are rolled back. Instead
of jobs, healthcare, education and housing,
the Johnson County Board of Supervisors
is yet again trying to push through a bond
referendum vote in May for a $40+ million
jail and “justice” center; some 80 times over
the $500K of what it would cost for them to
maintain current funding subsidy for SEATS.
Their solution is incarceration and a system of

injustice that disproportionately affects the
Black, Brown and immigrant communities.
The governments of the ruling class on the
Federal, state and local level are waging a
bipartisan assault on our vital public services
and social wages and benefits, with
the difference between the Democrats and
Republicans largely being “how much to
cut”? Obama still has cuts to Social Security
and Medicare on the table in the Sequestration
debate, while Democratic Party
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is closing
more than 50 public schools. The Republicans
may be perceived as the hard cops
of social reaction, but this is not necessarily
the case, as the Democrats have proven
more than willing.

For their role in the SEATS cuts,
the municipalities are just as responsible as
the County and have stated they may impose
cuts in the service also. The Coralville
City Council in February increased transit
fares. Iowa City and Coralville both use
Tax-Incremented Financing (TIF), a form
of corporate welfare, throwing the burden
of funding these essential public services
like SEATS on the working and middle
classes. This is a corporatist profits racket
by the local governments. Coralville uses
TIF left and right and city debt is $14,500
per person. In 2012, Moody downgraded
the city’s bond ratings. These social services
are a vital necessity for society and

companies and industries who want public

subsidies, who won’t pay taxes and try to
deny services and otherwise try to put the
entire tax burden on the workers need to
be seized by the workers without compensation
and run under workers’ control!
Then it will be possible to open and publish
their books, exposing all their flimflams
and spins and dodges, and above all, reveal
WHO BENEFITS(?) from “business
secret” antisocial and criminal activities.
This is the kind of worker’s nationalization
that is needed as opposed to Obama’s 2009
bank bailouts in order to save finance capital.

Where is Our Labor Leadership?

The local union leadership did
send out emails to try to get workers on
their (limited) email lists to the Iowa City
Council meeting where SEATS was discussed.
The only mass mobilization they
have attempted though is to mobilize the
Democratic Party politicians to dine at la

bor’s table for the AFl-CIO Central labor
Council’s (Iowa City Federation of labor)

annual chili supper on January 17th.
This was attended by County Supervisor
and former Johnson County Democratic
Party Chair Rod Sullivan, the
County point man for the SEATS cuts,
on the very day that the Press Citizen
ran an article announcing the cuts; cuts
where 50 AFSCME local 183 jobs are
on the chopping block. It doesn’t matter
how labor “friendly” a politician is,
or whether they are “progressive”, or a
member of a union, or for whatever reason
they give for budget cuts….there is
always a “logic” to cuts. A politician

making cuts is first and foremost a
capitalist politician imposing austerity
on the workers, the disabled, the
elderly and the poor. Abstaining from
trying to mass mobilize and organize
struggle is itself a betrayal of the labor
movement by the union leadership and
a tacit acceptance of austerity. The IC
Federation of labor should be an organization
to unite and mobilize the entire
labor movement, working class and
oppressed to fight. This is what a real
fighting labor leadership would do.

The current leaders of the
unions are opposed to developing a
winning strategy to fight back against
these attacks. For decades they have
been pushing reliance on the Democratic
Party, impotent political lobbying,
state and federal (NlRB) labor boards,
concessions and servile obedience to
union-busting laws and injunctions.
The union leaders refused to mobilize
their members to fight for the Employee
Free Choice Act (EFCA), a minimal
but supportable reform that would have
aided, but not solved the problems of
union organizing. Revive the demand
and 0rganize struggle for EFCA! Organize
the unorganized “wall-to-wall”
through labor struggle! The perspective
of these “labor lieutenants of the
Capitalist class” is far divorced from
how the labor movement was actually
built in the first place and is a surefire
losing bet. With the percentage of organized
workers in the United States
declining yet again in 2012 by a significant
amount (1% for the private sector),
the union tops pro-capitalist, reliance
on the Democrats, legalistic, “a fair
day’s wage” strategy is a miserable historical
failure. It should be noted that
Chapter 20, the Iowa public sector collective
bargaining law was won under a
Republican Governor and state

Cont. pg 6 col.1


Senate because public school teachers were
engaging in illegal strikes at the time.

The union bureaucracy is a privileged
caste within the workers’ movement
that derives and maintains its privilege by
accommodating the entire power of the
working class to capital through political
subordination to the bosses’ governmental
apparatus. This is accomplished through
the thousands of networks that chain labor’s
organizations to Big Business’s company
management, its state, and its political parties.
A new generation of worker militants
must rise up from the ranks that understand
that there can be no compromise between
labor and Capital! Power lies with the

organized working class in alliance with

the oppressed armed with a political pro

gram of struggle. We would not have a
labor movement today if past generations
of workers had not defied the union-busting
laws, injunctions ; defied the strike-breaking
cops and hired strikebreakers; had not
organized mass pickets that stopped scabs;
organized flying pickets and sit-down
strikes; or had they relied on Democratic
Party politicians instead of their own collective
strength. Every strike and fight against
lockouts should be organized with military
precision: a daily strike paper, medical care,
organized pickets and workers defense
guard, et al. Militant trade unionists need
to build organized fractions/caucuses to replace
the servile union leadership and organize
struggle! These caucuses could be the
springboard for building a fighting workers/
labor party that is desperately needed. We
need to unite the entire working class by
linking organized labor with the broader
working class communities. If we want to
defend our standard of living and our social
services; if we want to fight for jobs, health

care, housing and education, we must start
to organize independent working class struggle,

Defend and extend SEATS, Patient
Transport Services and Iowa Care!
Rollback cuts to local, state and Federal
social services!
Defend Social Security and Medicare/
For free, quality socialized healthcare for

Labor unite with the Black, Brown, immigrant
communities; with women;
with the First Nation/Native American
peoples; with unorganized workers,
students, the unemployed; the GLBT
community and all the oppressed!

Build independent action committees of
struggle based on workers, students, and
the poor!

For mass actions and political strikes

to defeat austerity! Build an indefinite

general strike movement!

For a workers’ fight for full employment!

For a 30 hour workweek at 40 hours pay
to spread the work around!

For a 100% cost-of-living allowance and

full union wages and benefits for all

Billions for public works programs!

Open the books of industrial and finance

Nationalize all major industry and

finance without compensation and run

under workers control!

 No support for the Democratic or
Republican parties of the bosses!

Build a revolutionary, multi-racial
Workers Party to organize
opposition to capitalist rule!

Fight for a workers government! For
a democratically planned economy
based on human needs!

Only workers rule can build a rational
and just world!

For a new Workers International –
The World Party of Socialist

C.A.R. Cont.from pg 1 col 2.
regional body Economic Community of
Central African States (ECCAS) also stating
that the rebel regime is illegitimate
and proposing an 18 months roadmap that
will see the creation of an interim council
comprising the rebels, opposition and civic

Despite the South African government’s
figure of 13 dead, other sources
report that among the dozens dead were
children shot by the SADF soldiers who
were there protecting the oil and mining
business interests of top ANC leaders
through the Shanduka group and Sasol
alongside the Chinese interests. This triggered
a revolt in South Africa (SA) that has
forced the ANC government to withdraw
the remaining soldiers. This is a political
defeat for Zuma, China’s proxy comprador
in Africa, after he had indicated that
the soldiers would stay for as long as possible.
The opposition alliance has refused
to be part of the transitional government
accusing the rebels of filling the posts with
supporters of the regime thereby ensuring
total domination of the transition. The rebels
claim that their actions were provoked
by the reluctance by Bozize to implement
in full the ceasefire accord signed in January
this year. It is clear that the rebels
had the support of France, which had
troops stationed in the capital during the
rebel offensive and where a major French
company Areva is mining Uranium in the
Bakoum region alongside Elf and other
monopolies, as reflected by the recent
decree to review all trade and investment
deals between Bozize and China. The US

European Union and France have failed
to issue a clear condemnation of the coup

Cont. pg 7 col. 1


instead focusing on the so called legitimacy of the rebel regime.

The Central African Republic is a very poor country
that relies heavily on foreign aid and assistance despite being
endowed by minerals such as gold, diamonds and uranium
as well as timber and oil which continue to be plundered by
various imperialist thieves using weak and corrupt regimes in
a country that has witnessed more coups than elections since
its independence from France in 1960. life expectancy in the
country is around 40 yrs while the literacy level is very low
adding to the brutal existence of the workers, poor farmers and
the poor exploited masses.

Djotodia becomes the first Muslim leader in a country
with a 15% Muslim population and various tribes divided by
the militia leaders who constitute the Seleka alliance. The majority
of the people rely on subsistence agriculture with about
74% of workers in the agriculture sector and the mines extracting
precious minerals for the capitalist robbers. Years of Military
rule have given rise to a very weak workers movement that
aligns itself with the state at different periods and ensuring the
total subjugation of the workers to the capitalist agenda.
The masses of the CAR are extremely poor and impoverished
in spite of the mineral wealth of their country as a result of
the brutal exploitation of the resources and workers by various
imperialist states using the military and civilian leaders in the
same way. Bozize like other military leaders came to power
through the help of France but was soon discarded once he
started to lean on the Chinese and the South Africans against
his erstwhile allies. China is rapidly increasing its Outward
Foreign Direct Investment in Africa in direct competion with
the Western imperialists. China’s imperialist agenda uses the
carrot strategy of “mutual development” presented as investment
in infrastructure development. But China has the same
agenda as the Western Imperialists to massively plunder the
resources of the semi colonial states. On the other hand countries
like France which have seen their influence and business
positions weaken in recent years are now taking an aggressive
role to stamp their authority against the growing influence of
China and Russia in their former colonies and the fight has
taken a very dangerous level as shown by the invasion of Mali
to protect their access to resources and a weak and unpopular

In a country ravaged by imperialism, coups and wars
the position of the working class and the ordinary poor has
been weakened to a large extent with the obvious result being
the weak trade unions and the absence of meaningful revolutionary
groups to organise the workers, youths, poor peasants,
students and the general poor against imperialist plunder and
dictatorship. This is the social base that must unite in order
to defeat the various militias and foreign troops (imperialist
proxies) operating in the country. We call for the creation of
a revolutionary workers party which will organize this social
base, which will lead an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist united
front of workers organizations to power by creating local
struggle committees of poor peasants, workers, youth and the
ordinary poor as the organizational basis for a workers and poor
peasant’s government that will expropriate the imperialist plantations,
mines and companies as well as institute real democracy.
These are then our demands:

 MAY 2013

-Workers, poor peasants and youth organise to defeat imperialism
and the military regime that seeks to serve imperialism!

-Mobilise for local action committees to spearhead action to defeat
the imperialists and their lackeys!

-Forward to workers government that expropriates without compensation
the imperialist farms, Mines and companies!


-For a Socialist revolution in CAR as part of a revolution in the
central African states and Africa!


Statement of the Revolutonary Workers Group of Zimbabwe.
Endorsed by the liasion Committee of Communists April 7, 2013

Syria Cont from pg. 2

and Syria, the working class is under all-out assault by capital. Build
independent working class opposition to the brutal dictatorship in Syria
and to the imperialist paymasters who subject to masses to slaughter.
Build this as the defense of our class as a whole.

Defend the Syrian masses! Form up local committees, link
them nationally and internationally and take action to provide assistance
to the secular and independent working class fighters . Contact
the lCC to help initiate this united front.

Statement of the liaison Committee of Communists
Integrating the RWG (Zim), CWG (A/NZ), CWG (USA)
March 1, 2013

Labor Leadership Refuses to Fight Democratic Party
Cuts to SEATS:
Build a class struggle leadership of our unions!

For an all-out mobilization of labor to defend SEATS paratransit!

The following is a CWG united front call to defend Johnson County
SEATS paratransit service distributed via email to officials/delegates
of the Iowa City Federation of labor, the AFl-CIO Central labor
Council (ClC), as well as a reply from and a CWG reply back to an
official of that labor body. The united front leaflet was also sent to the
Socialist People’s Party (Iowa), the anarchist Wild Rose Collective,
the Quad City Federation of labor (AFl-CIO ClC) and a leader of
the local International Socialist Organization (ISO). Also included
is correspondence between an official of the City Fed who refused to
take up the call to fight and the CWG.

Cont bottom pg 9


An Injury to One is an Injury to

Free Lynne Stewart: Save Her Life

– Release Her Now!
Well-known leftist attorney lynne
Stewart, an advocate for the oppressed, remains
unjustly imprisoned as she faces Stage
Four breast cancer. The Federal government
continues its vendetta against this dedicated
and courageous woman as they refuse to
release her to seek necessary medical treatment.
As the linked petition below states:

“In her current setting, where trips to physicians
involve attempting to walk with 10
pounds of shackles on her wrists and ankles,

of the rights
of the working
class and

all the op

pressed. We

do encour

age signing

the petition

below. But

more than

that, we call
on organized

labor and the

working class
to come to her defense, starting with education
rallies, directing labor’s resources
and fighting to mobilize the power of the
working class in action to free lynne Stewart
and all class war prisoners!


Justice for Lynne Stewart:

Two Decades of Police Torture
in Chicago:
For Labor Defense of the Black, Brown
and Immigrant Communities Against
Racist Police Terror!

On April 1, 2013, a three judge panel of the
Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld
the 54 month prison sentence for the perjury
and obstruction of justice conviction
of notorious former Chicago police commander
Jon Burge. Burge has now been
linked to at least 120 documented cases of
torture of African American suspects over a
20 year period. Burge was the command-

with connecting chains, lynne Stewart has
lacked ready access to physicians and specialists
under conditions compatible with
medical success. It can take weeks to see
a medical provider in prison conditions. It
can take weeks to report physical changes
and learn the results of treatment; and when
held in the hospital, lynne has been shackled
wrist and ankle to the bed.”

This amounts to state murder of a leftist
political activist.

lynne Stewart was targeted by the

U.S. government for daring to provide legal
defense, one of the more important democratic
rights, for Omar Abdel-Rahman. Her
prosecution, in the wake of the racist anti-Arab
hysteria of 9/11 and the increasing repressive
measures of the U.S. capitalist state, was
designed to curtail dissent, silence vigorous
defense lawyers, and instill fear in any who
would challenge the capitalist system by
standing up for the oppressed. We clearly see
the real Obama Justice Department policy in
action here as the same words and deeds of
the Bush regime. Words and deeds that were
denounced internationally as crimes against
human rights at the time.
lynne Stewart received a 28-month sentence
in October 2006. After years of
post-conviction freedom, her bail was revoked
arbitrarily and her imprisonment
ordered precluding the surgery she had
scheduled in a major New York hospital.
The government appealed her original sentence,
and in 2009 lynne was sentence to 10
years in federal prison in Carswell, Texas.
Since her imprisonment her urgent need for
surgery was delayed 18 months – so long,
that the operating physician pronounced the
condition as “the worst he had seen.”

The Communist Workers Group
demands the immediate release of lynne
Stewart! We encourage all those who stand
for social justice to take up her defense as

the defense

ing officer of the violent crimes section
of the Area 2 precinct of the Chicago
Police Department located on the South
Side. His career was marked by accusations
from over one hundred individuals
who claimed that he and officers in the
violent crimes section tortured suspects
in order to obtain confessions throughout
the 1970s and 1980s.

Introducing the 23 page decision, Judge
Ann Williams, the only African American
judge in the history of the Seventh
Circuit wrote:

“Former Chicago Police Commander
Jon Burge presided over an interrogation
regime where suspects were suffocated
with plastic bags, electrocuted until they
lost consciousness, held down against
radiators, and had loaded guns pointed
at their heads during rounds of Russian
roulette. The use of this kind of torture
was designed to inflict pain and instill
fear while leaving minimal marks. When
Burge was asked about these practices in
civil interrogatories served on him years
later, he lied and denied any knowledge
of, or participation in, torture of suspects
in police custody. But the jury heard
overwhelming evidence to contradict
that assertion and convicted Burge for
obstruction of justice and perjury.”

Burge’s crimes are further summarized
by the The Peoples law Offices of Chicago:

“…witnesses at trial detailed a record of
decades of abuse that is unquestionably
horrific. The witnesses described how
they were suffocated with plastic bags,
electrocuted with homemade devices attached
to their genitals, beaten, and had
guns forced into their mouths during
questioning. Burge denied all allegations
of abuse, but other witnesses stated
that he bragged in the 1980s about how
suspects were beaten in order to extract
confessions. Another witness testified

that Burge told her that he did not care

if those tortured were innocent or guilty,
because as he saw it, every suspect had
surely committed some other offense

This is not justice. Burge was never
charged with police brutality. Fired in
1993 over the allegations, the Office of
Professional Standards never brought


charges, he was never prosecuted and the Superior court allowed
the statute of limitations to expire. It was only through a series of
civil lawsuits by the victims that this torture ever came to light, and
that Burge was eventually convicted of perjury and obstruction of
justice for lying in sworn testimony. There is no justice in the capitalist
system of injustice for the oppressed!
Only the most flagrant abuses of police brutality and terror come
to light, while the Black, Brown and immigrant communities face
daily harassment, beatings and murder at the hands of the racist
cops. Rodney King, Oscar Grant, John Deng, Alan Blueford,
Richard Rodriguez, Kenneth Harding Jr., Mario Romero, Jared
Huey, Jeremiah Moore, Anton Barrett, Ernesto Duenas, Guy Jarreau,
Kimani Gray…the list goes far back and it continues to go on
and on. Recent studies by the Malcolm X Grassroots movement
revels a black or brown man is killed by the cops every 28 hours.

The state is the enforcement mechanism of the capitalist class. The
racist police violence is not some mistake, or bad policy or the actions
of a few “bad apple” cops. Stop and Frisk is the institutionalization
of racist police terror, harassment and brutality! This is the
method the capitalists use to keep the oppressed down. Racism
against the Black, Brown and immigrant communities serves the
ruling class by creating divisions among the multi-racial working
class. The same cops that terrorize the oppressed also can and will
be used to break labor struggles. Just ask IlWU (longshoremen)
local 21 in longview, WA how they were hounded and harassed
by the police in their struggle for a fair contract. The police are
not workers! They are the armed fist of the capitalist state! They
are the enemies of the labor movement, the working class and the

The answer is not impotent police review boards or police monitoring
(Copwatch), although certainly police crimes should be
exposed to the public to the fullest extent possible. What is needed
is to link the defense of the Black, Brown and immigrant communities
to the social power of the organized labor movement. IlWU
local 10 in the Bay Area engaged in a one day action to shut down
the port in protest against the police murder of Oscar Grant.

Black and Brown self defense is put on the agenda by the
increasing brutality that follows from the deepening austerity. We
must learn from the brutal bi-partisan repression and murder of
our brothers and sisters from the Black Panther Party, Brown Berets
and American Indian Movements in the late 1960’s and early
1970’s. The oppressed communities must not be allowed to stand
alone, labor must step up to the plate. To defeat racist cop terror
multi-racial labor based self defense needs to be organized out of
every union hall and working class church and community organization.

labor, Black and Brown activists in the Bay Area mobilize for
labor defense of the oppressed, calling for self-defense guards
against racist police violence and for multi-racial workers tribunals
to bring criminal cops to justice. We join their call for labor
political strikes against cop terror under the slogan, “They shoot us
down! We shut them down!” Recently labor, Black, and Brown
activists garnered the support of IlWU local 10 and the Black
Riders of Oakland to shutdown the Vallejo City Council in protest
of the murder of Mario Romero. Transitional organizations uniting
the multi-racial working class in self defensive struggle need
to be built everywhere, linking the social power of organized labor
to the oppressed communities in common struggle, as part of the
fight against the brutal system of capitalist exploitation and racist

Organize Political Strikes Against Racist Cop & Vigilante
Organize Multiracial Labor/Community Self Defense
For Mutiracial Labor Tribunals to Bring Police Killers/Torturers
to Justice!


Statement of the Communist Workers Group April 7, 2013 http://www.cwgusa.

Unions refuse to fight for SEATS Cont. from pg 7 col 2

SEATS is a Johnson County Iowa run transportation that is vital
to the elderly and the disabled and has been in existence
since the 1970’s. The municipalities contract with the county to
operate SEATS, with the county traditionally subsidizing the difference
between what the cities fund and the cost. The Democratic
Party County Board of Supervisors are cutting all
county subsidies to this service and pushing this cost
onto the municipalities; dramatically the first year and
then eventually completely. Most likely this will result in a degradation
of this critical service. Coralville has already raised transit
rates. This has degenerated into a petty quarrel between the municipalities
and the county. From the standpoint of the working
class, the disabled and the elderly, there is no side to take in this
fight. Curse on all their houses! The labor movement and the
working class needs to enter the arena and lead the fight against
all those who would impose austerity! SEATS needs to remain a
centrally-run, county-wide, fully-funded service. In fact, as demand
is increasing, it should be expanded to a 24 hour, seven day

Cont pg 20 bottom


“But believe it or not you won’t find it so hot if

you ain’t got the do re mi”


President Barack Obama, doing his part to impose the bosses’ austerity
plan, on Friday April, 5, proposed to cut social security and
Medicare benefits in an unprecedented historic deal with the Republicans.
While this single component of the austerity plan targets elderly
and those dependent on social security, these actions are aimed
at the entire working class. This long-term attack on the solvency of
workers’ retirement comes in many forms. While Republicans salivate
over their dream of privatizing social security, the Democratic
Governor of California Jerry Brown has led the drive to cut public
workers’ pension benefits and even advocated privatization, as part
of his 12 point plan. The attack on Social Security
and on defined pension plans are an attempt to liberate
the billions held in these plans to allow the
individual worker investor to be fleeced of her/
his retirement by the sharks on Wall St. Brown
insisted the workers must take on the risk of the
market! The global crisis of capitalism is exploding
the dreams of the commodity traders as Wall
St. teeters on the brink of an abyss of fictitious
capital imploding beneath the dysfunctionality of
the anarchy of production—the ‘free market.’

Public workers of California and the
multi-million Californian working class are bludgeoned
with the austerity at many levels. Cut
backs in social services, furloughs of public workers
for three years, increased medical insurance
contributions compound wage cuts and job losses; working families
suffer from record levels of home foreclosures, spiraling public education
tuition costs and declining educational resources overall.
California, according to the International Monetary Fund’s list of

U.S. States and world countries by Gross Domestic Product, is the
8th largest economy in the world, excluding the United States as a
whole, or 9th, or eight behind the USA.
As a result, the system which provides public services to
this massive population is enormous, providing wages for and related
benefits to 1.5 million public workers and their families. So when
workers around the country are hit with fiscal troubles, the effect in
CA is reverberated tenfold, like a socioeconomic earthquake that jostles
every corner of the economy. And like during a real earthquake,
some are just jostled and shaken and others fail under the effect.
California’s own fiscal woes

The public pension programs which serve the public employees
is equally sizable and complicated. CA has 3 large public
retirement systems, one for teachers (CalSTRS), one for the university
system (UCRP), and one for other public employees (CalPERS).
In addition, there are 24 other independent county or city retirement
systems throughout the state. CalPERS is the largest.

 MAY 2013

Although not a lucrative proposition, CA public workers are
investing their entire retirement package in retirement fund
futures, and being told that just tweaking the system here and
there will ensure their retirement base. What they are not told
is that capitalism does not work; it ebbs and flows only to
benefit the people who can absorb and speculate on its fluctuations.
For most, whose paychecks fund this retirement system,
capitalism’s crisis-ridden nature is concretely reflected
in the burgeoning everyday reality of an underfunded retirement
systems, thanks to a series of catastrophic blunders and
miscalculations. The elected CAlPERS leadership believed
the “boiler room” hype and forited the public workers’ future
to the big banksters. The losses sustained by buying into the
real estate bubble only compounded the effect of the previous
under funding by the state during bull market years. In the
last contract the Union leaders gave away additional worker
contributions to the pension fund to make up for losses in
the market (losses for the workers but not for the banksters!)
Public worker union leaders encouraged the membership to
“Share the Pain,” rushing to help make the workers pay for
the capitalists’ crisis.

On 2/21/2013, State Controller John Chiang released
a new report showing the unfunded actuarial accrued

liability of providing health and dental benefits for

state retirees is projected to be $63.84 billion over

30 years (which is only about 2 billion a year–less

than Schwarzenegger gave away reducing the new

vehicle registration fee) :

“The current pay-as-we-go model of funding
retiree health benefits is short-sighted and a
recipe for undermining the fiscal health of future
generations of Californians,…However, today’s
challenge won’t necessarily become tomorrow’s
crisis if policymakers can muster the fiscal discipline
to invest now so that we can pay tens of billions
of dollars less later.
“Recognizing that fully funding the health and dental
benefits obligation is unlikely given the State’s

tight budget, Controller Chiang noted that even incremental
steps toward pre-funding the obligation would significantly
reduce the State’s liability. For example, if the State
pre-funded just 10 percent of its obligation, it would only
need to pay $170 million more than its current pay-as-you-go
contribution. However, that additional payment would shave
$2.74 billion off of the State’s unfunded liability.

“Pre-funding 25% of its obligations would cost the
State $420 million more than the pay-as-you-go contribution,
but would reduce the total unfunded liability by $6.63 billion.
In addition to cutting costs by pre-funding the obligation,
Chiang said the State should continue to be aggressive in its
efforts to contain health care costs by promoting prevention
and wellness and innovations in health care delivery. “Improving
the health of state employees will not only lead to a
more productive workforce, but also to substantial taxpayer

Of course, another solution would be to seize the retirement
systems and operate them under 100% workers control,
rather than letting political interests’ and cronies’ policy
take us to the breaking point. The current model is not sustainable.
Nor is the economic system it is based on. Even

Cont. pg 11 col.1


democratic workers control of the pension system would be no guarantee
of a sustainable model as long as the pension fund is trapped
inside the unraveling capitalist system.

In spite of the Dow Jones recent share price recovery the
markets are in fact in a bear market on the precipice of an abyss.
Workers need a fully-funded system with guarantees and not one influenced
by the peaks and valleys of stock prices and their manipulations
by speculators and gamblers. There are over 100 billionaires in
the State of CA. There is no reason public workers should fund the
capitalist class’ excesses by pouring money from our pension funds
into their stock market Ponzi scheme. As pensions are nothing more
than deferred wages, we demand our employers guarantee and fully
fund pensions for all. We must link this demand to the fight for jobs
for all a full union benefits. When the bosses say, they “can’t do that”
we say, “what are you good for?” “Get-outta-here-ya-bum!”

In his February, 2013 monthly report, State Controller Chiang
covered California’s cash balance, receipts and disbursements of
January, 2013. Total revenues for the first month of the calendar year
were $4.3 billion above (39.1 percent) estimates found in the Governor’s
proposed 2013-14 State budget! Personal and corporate income
taxes exceeded projections 45–55%, whereas sales tax revenues fell
below estimated projections by 27%.
“Last month’s revenues were by far the highest…seen in any January
for the past decade. Along with increased auto sales, rising home values,
and more construction, it signals that California may be entering
an era where we can govern outside of crisis,” Chiang said. “However,
given our state’s troubled history with boom-or-bust revenue cycles,
this good news must be tempered with increased fiscal discipline
in how we interpret and budget January’s collections.”

What Chang is actually saying is, ‘I work for the bourgeoisie
and no matter how much tax revenue we collect we’re still here to
kick the workers in the ass as they head into contract negotiations.’
What Chiang failed to mention was that the vast increase can be attributed
to the unprecedented profits collected by the wealthy and corporations.
Sales tax receipts, which were less than expected, represent
the purchasing power of the entire state, including all the furloughed,
laid off, homeless and unemployed whose purchasing power has dramatically
declined, as well as the consumption of the wealthiest sectors,
whose share of the economy has increased.

According to real (4/5/2013), the world’s number
of billionaires has increased by 210 since their last count. The nominal
1,426 billionaires in the world is explained as an undercount,
given that billionaires have professionals hiding their assets. In the
US alone, last year saw an all time record 800 billion dollars in increased
profits among the aggregate wealth of very wealthy, whereas
your average worker cannot garner any economic performance at all
on any of their meager holdings.

In fact CA has been dubbed “the billionaire capitol of the
world” with over 100 identified billionaires, as of January, 2013.
This is up from previous year’s reports of 80–90 of them. So yes,
Mr. Chiang, with Proposition 30, the state has seen a vast increase in
individual and corporate tax revenues, because the wealthiest people
and corporations in the country are sweeping up every centime of
cash there is to be had, earned or gotten by other means. But let there
be no mistake, these increased tax revenues have nothing to do with
working people except that it was our, ability to produce profit for the
bosses that enriched the wealthy in the first place, and do not reflect
an increase in workers’ fiscal well-being.

Failed stimulus programs such as the CA’s Enterprise Zone
(EZ) corporate tax break program were designed, in theory, to create

 MAY 2013

new jobs. But in practice, corporations are exploiting the program
to enrich themselves instead. The EZ program, which
incentivizes companies to close up shop, fire all their workers
and relocate to another part of the state, is costing CA
$700 million a year, and has resulted in few, if any, net new
jobs created. (ClF newsletter 4/5/2013). With the super rich
overseeing the super rich why should any of these programs
succeed, ever? Corporate incentive programs do not work
because the only incentive corporations respond to is their
bottom line and that of their shareholders’, while they rob
localities of tax revenue.

Additionally, according to the CA Budget Task
Force, CA has the largest number of Medicaid enrollees,

7.5 million, and, among six study states, has the highest percentage
of its population enrolled in Medicaid, 29 percent.
But CA’s annual spending per enrollee, $3,364, is the lowest
among the six study states and well below the national average
of $5,337, and its Medicaid spending as a percent of state
General Fund spending is below the national average. Still,
Medicaid spending has grown at 6 percent per annum since
2006. So with fewer jobs, growing costs and less revenue in
the State, the federal cuts are just salt on the already gaping

Impact of the sequestration and related proposed

deficit solutions

With the sequestration and the most recent attacks
on social security and Medicare, President Obama is forcing
the working class to yet again stoically bear the burden of
diminished access to jobs, education, health care and retirement
benefits. All the while expecting their voter loyalty to
his party!!

Obama’s “nice guy” pose doesn’t fool anyone who
knows the Republicans will never agree to raise taxes on
themselves and their golf buddies. Obama’s approach shows
his actual class allegiances.

“…this is rotten public policy, and all those political
reasons pale in comparison to the damage he is doing here.
With the demise or curtailment of most pensions, the drop
in family wealth due to the collapse of the housing sector
in 2008, the big unemployment numbers cutting into many
families’ life savings, the flattening or decrease of wages for
most workers, and the inflation in many essentials among
those who are working driving down the ability to save for
retirement, this is the absolute last time we should be looking
at cutting incomes for retirees.” (Common Dreams 4/5/2013)

On his own initiative he has offered to link future
social benefit increases to the chained Consumer Price Index
(CPI)–read bogus purchase price index! The Chained CPI is
the worst of all his attacks, as it disproportionately affects the
elderly. The proposal is to reduce the adjustment for inflation,
a cost of living allowance he is skewing. Thus he robs the
social security beneficiaries something, not even Bush could
get away with. He is a Thatcherite wet dream. The justification
that people tend to buy lower priced items when their
income is reduced by inflation or by any other means is vintage
Thatcher. But there is no cheaper or generic version of
health care and profits require that patients’ costs are rising
more rapidly than inflation.

The McKesson Corp., based in San Francisco, dis

Cont. pg. 12 column 1


tributes wholesale medicines, medical supplies, and computer
systems for doctors. The head of McKesson, Mr. John Hammergren,
earned last year $131 million dollars, according to Ralph
Nader in WSJ 4/16. “That is the equivalent of about $63,000
an hour, or $10,000 more than the annual median household income
in the U.S. Meanwhile, some of this country’s lowest-paid
workers-those on minimum wage-made just $15,080 annually at
$7.25 an hour. Mr. Hammergren had surpassed that amount by

9:15 a.m. on his first workday of the year.”
Mr. Hammergran is the highest paid CEO in the U.S.
The McKesson Corp. will substantially benefit from Obamacare.
Maybe Mr. Hammergren can ask for a raise….(Earl Gilman reports
on April 16, 2013)

Your average senior citizen lives in poverty, and has a
median income of $20,000. 70% of many senior incomes are derived
from Social Security. 20 – 40% of all senior expenses are
for health care. So when Obama reduces the inflation adjustment
index for these folks, assuming they are purchasing lower cost
items, this leaves seniors out of luck and resources to cover their
living expenses. Isn’t this out of whack! Obama’s plan compounds
the short fall for seniors right when banks are offering
record low interest on savings accounts and CD’s. This negative
compounding of future cost of living adjustments will over the
coming decades defund social security in real terms, driving millions
more into homelessness and poverty during their “golden
years.” He is tightening the screws to force the entire nation to
play the stock market no matter the cost in human life.

Furthermore, this places the burden, directly and most
often, on their working class children. Their children have sustained
massive cuts to their base resources and support services
via the joblessness, the austerity and sustained furloughs and service
cuts in the past few years. Again, with such an enormous
population, California has felt the effects of every national policy
decision like a knife cutting its throat, while the political parties
are unwilling to make the 100 billionaires and thousands of
multi- millionaires of the state pay. Where we part company
with the reformist tax the rich schemes like Prop 30 is that we
really do intend to take the wealth from the malefactors and put
it entirely under the control of the workers and the oppressed.
Who will do this? The bourgeois parties never will. We need
a workers’ government that rests upon the power of the workers
state. To think that appropriating the necessary funds can be
accomplished otherwise is cruel delusion that we will expose.
Trade union leaderships who mount pathetic campaigns that are
so cynical and so obviously designed to fall flat never will enforce
any ‘equal pain’ on the ruling rich. Neither will a whole
host of self styled socialist “revolutionists” who toady up to the
official leaderships and pedal reformist versions of the same tax
the rich campaign.

With all the hype about the potential dramatic and
sweeping effects of the sequestration, it has now been reduced
to a beltway political argument for many commentators. They
make much too flip a judgment and too soon. According to the
Huffington Post (4/6/2013), its effects will be real and lasting for
years to come, especially for working Americans:

“Organizations and companies have begun laying off
workers, while many more have decided not to staff vacant positions.
Schools on military bases are contemplating four-day
weekly schedules. Food pantries have closed, as have centers that
provide health services. Farmers have been forced to go without

 MAY 2013

milk production information, causing alarm in the dairy industry
and the potential of higher milk prices. Workers at missile-testing
fields are facing job losses. Federal courts have closed on Fridays.
Public Broadcasting transmitters have been shut down. Even luxury
cruises are feeling the pinch, with passengers forced to wait
hours before debarking because of delays at Customs and Immigration.
Yes, sequestration is creating the possibility of another
poop cruise. On the national level, sequestration may be defined
by canceled White House tours and long lines at airports that never
materialized. But on the local level, it is beginning to sting.”

Every geographic area of the country has been affected,
and with a big impact on health care delivery and education, and
particularly programs targeting low income and needy individuals
and families. (See pg. 1 Defend the SEATS program Johnson

“Of the more than $2.5 trillion to date in projected 10year
budget savings, nearly 80 percent would result from spending
cuts. The rest would derive from tax increases on high incomes
that became law on Jan. 1, in the tax agreement that the two parties
reached at year-end when the efforts for a broader deficit-reduction
deal collapsed. Mr. Obama’s proposals to reduce deficits
$1.8 trillion more over a decade track his offer to Mr. Boehner,
adjusted for the roughly $600 billion in higher taxes that became
law in January. He will propose more than $600 billion in new
revenues — his last offer had called for $1.2 trillion in taxes —
mostly by limiting to 28 percent the deductions that individuals in
higher tax brackets can claim. Congress has ignored that idea in
past years.

“Deficits would be reduced another $930 billion through
2023 as a result of spending cuts and other cost-saving changes to
domestic programs, and $200 billion more due to reduced interest
payments on the federal debt. Mr. Obama’s proposed spending
reductions include about $400 billion from health programs and
$200 billion from other areas, including farm subsidies, federal
employee retirement programs, the Postal Service and the unemployment
compensation system. In Medicare, the savings would
mostly come from payments to health care providers, including
hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, but Mr. Obama also
proposes that higher-income beneficiaries pay more for coverage.”
(New York Times, 4/5/2013).

The direct impact of sequestration on California represents
a “mere” $12 billion in federal revenue for the State (Reality
Check 2/27/2013). But look at the specifics: It’s millions in
cuts to education, both primary and secondary and head start programs,
cuts to education for kids with disabilities, cuts in funding
for environmental protection, and cuts to the military/defense
infrastructure. If you parse these program cuts, they are mostly
benefits to working families and low income households. And
because California has such a large pool of public employees,
many of them will be deeply affected by these cuts. Paylines are
removed. Attrition heaps out of job classification work on the
retained employees.
Impact of progressive budget cuts on California’s system of Higher

In a report by the nonprofit Public Policy Institute of California,
the impact of $1.5 billion in state budget cuts between
2007 and 2012 on California Community Colleges, the nation’s
largest system of higher education, was documented in searing
detail. (Sacramento Bee 3/26/2013)

“During that period, enrollment within the 112-campus


system dropped from 2.9 million to 2.4 million students,…. The
enrollment declines were steepest among students returning to
school after an absence and first-time college students,…. Enrollment
of first-time students fell 5 percent even as the number of
high school graduates in California rose 9 percent. ‘The decline in
access of first-time students is troubling, given California’s long-
standing need to increase college-going rates for new high school
graduates, who are the workforce for the future,’ said PPIC researcher
Sarah Bohn, the report’s co-author.”

“California’s community college system, which is known
for its low fees and open-access policies, is open to nearly all
adults, but in recent years campuses have been forced to turn away
hundreds of thousands of students who couldn’t get into the classes
they wanted. Across the system, the number of academic-year
course offerings dropped 21 percent, summer classes fell 60 percent
and class sizes swelled, researchers said. All types of courses
were cut, but the drop was most significant for non-credit courses
for enrichment or remediation.”

California’s public university system has long been the
envy of other states and has a worldwide reputation for high quality
education. Repeated budget cuts have reduced what it can offer
and has damaged this reputation in perpetuity. Private corporations
pretend to shower largess on the California’s Universities. In reality
they get research department graduate student slaves to do
basic science for them on the public dime. Does the public hold
the paper on the resulting patents and intellectual property? It
does not! Graduate students need an organizing offensive and the
backing of the mobilized California workers movement to defeat
the privatization drive and the cuts to

research grants imposed by the austerity
whether by Brown’s budget
or Obama’s sequestration. Then we
have another scam is the kind perpetrated
by California Regent and
investment banker Mr. Richard Blum
(or should we say Mr. Feinstein) also
know as good old fashioned graft.

All these cuts to education,
affect the working class disproportionately,
after they have already
been furloughed, laid off and told
that their children will have to start
going to school 4 days a week. And
they have been spoon-fed the dream
that increasing taxes on the rich (the

controlled 2/3rds of both houses.

When combined with the passage of Proposition 30, the
governor’s budget-balancing tax measure, the results offer lawmakers
“a great opportunity to begin a new chapter in California,”
according to Senate President pro tem Steinberg. He called
a supermajority “a tremendous responsibility,” and one that is
“humbling to have.” “California is back on track…we have come
through this very tough period. When I started the deficit was $42
billion,” he said. “Now we’ve made the awful cuts, and the voters
have given us not only the tools to say no more cuts, but also to
begin to focus on some positive agendas … It will be very different
to govern without a constant crisis.” (SF Gate 11/7/2012) The
pomposity of these boasts and the conceit is flabbergasting.

So ostensibly this gave the Democrats the power to do
all the right things for the State, right? Of course California is still
buckling under years of fiscal mismanagement, the burden of prop
13, a giant and endless tax shelter for land-rich corporations and
the controversial ballot initiative process, which is, well, controversial.

A recent Associated Press article states “2011: Democratic
Gov. Jerry Brown completes contract negotiations with
all remaining state employee unions, requiring workers to pay a
greater share of their pension cost. In October, Brown proposes
a 12-point pension plan that would raise the retirement age
to 67 for new employees who are not public safety workers and
require state and local employees to pay more toward their retirement
and health care. He is seeking to place future retirees into a
“hybrid” system that blends pensions with a 401(k)-style plan. He

seeks to end so-called pen

sion “spiking” that lets employees
boost their payouts
by including overtime and

other benefits, and end the

practice of buying additional
service credits”. What
the Associated Press did not
tell you is that you have to
be a member of the salaried
managerial elite or the

armed thugs of the state to
spike your pension. These
costs are loaded on working
families while the pay
freeze, hiring freeze and
furloughs continued. Miss-

recent prop 30) will solve the chronic
economic problems of the state, as
those same rich folks made unprecedented financial gains in the
last year. So now workers kids get a lousy primary education, get
poor healthcare and little access to higher education. The community
college system has traditionally been a point of access to
higher education for those who could not afford a state college or
university, and are now likely to receive little or no unemployment
or retirement benefits if they actually can find a job!
State Workers attacked doubly in this model

In November, 2012, California Democrats, with the support
of labor, picked up a supermajority in both houses of the state
legislature, a surprise outcome that gives their party the ability to
unilaterally raise taxes and leaves Republicans essentially irrelevant
in Sacramento. This is the first time in 80 years that one party

ing from the who the what

the when and the why in the
Associated press article are the tens of thousands of contract employees
whose on the job responsibilities are equal in every way to
those of unionized state workers but whose compensation packages
correspond to the moth eaten pay envelopes of the independent
at will contractors. They may sometimes make the equivalent in
cash wages but they never get vested in defined benefit pension
programs or medical retirement benefits. The contracting adds
another layer of administrative duplication and siphoning off of
funds to reward contracting firms (read political favorites) in an
ongoing anti-union drive to privatize government functions.

Additionally, Brown’s pension reform act for CalPERS
specifies an employee contribution increase of 1 – 1.5%, puts a
cap on the amount of compensation that can count towards retire

Cont. pg 14


ment benefits, denies felons their pension benefits, and further
limits post-retirement reemployment.

So California public employees and their bank accounts
are being attacked by federal and state policy makers,
being blindsided by their ineffective unions and put on the
chopping block again and again, all the while being required
to show up and keep the entire state from crumbling into utter
chaos and pandemonium. California state workers need to fight
back and take back control of our unions to make them properly
work on our behalf, with accountability and recallability of
all elected officers, with fiscal transparency and class political
independence. The unions need to fight austerity by revealing
all State and business secretes. We say open the books, the reality
of tax loopholes and give-aways to corporate and wealthy
interests are only the surface manifestations of a government
by and for the 1% and their corrupted servants. State workers
need to build action committees and class struggle caucuses
if they are to unite all public workers and begin to
win the conditions, benefits and compensation we
all deserve. Workers! We need our own political party,
a fighting labor party not beholden to the interest of any
other social class, but a tribune of all the people that fights for
a government of the workers and the oppressed!


No more budget cuts on the backs of the elderly,
the students or public workers!

No chained CPI reductions!

Provide universal health care coverage, socialize

Nationalize the insurance companies, Big Pharma
and the for-profit medical corporations, without
reimbursement to the big shareholders and run
100% under workers control. Put private insurance
companies out of the medical industry.

Demand a fully-funded retirement system for all.
Put private business out of the pension business!

Defend Public education. Reinstate all funding to
higher education and make higher education free
for all! Reorganize the education system under
parent, teacher, student & school worker control.

Reinstate funding to head start, arts, sports music,
science education.

Fully fund nutritious student diets and provide on
site medical resources.

Cops out of schools!

Initiate action committees at all work sites and

Build inter union organizing committees! Unite
private and public sector workers against the austerity
and for workers power!

Rebuild the unions! Organize the Unorganized!
Pass EFCA! Defeat Taft Hartley and other anti-
union legislation in the streets!
MAY 2013

Initiate class struggle caucuses inside our unions to fight
uncompromisingly for the political independence of the
working class and for our own political party and program!

Create Jobs for all!

Pay 40 hour wages for 30 hours of work so everyone can
have both a job and a living, at union wages and benefits!
Allocate billions for public works not one cent for

imperialist military adventures.

For a sliding scale of wages and prices set by worker run
price committees.

Say no to compromising the real needs of the masses for
the frivolous wants of the wealthy few!
For public workers unions to survive they must break from the Democrats
and take the lead in reviving the labor movement by embracing
workers in the private sector and taking the lead in organizing the
unorganized. Both the contract workers in public works and workers
in private industry must be organized to win union wages and benefits
for all! Public workers can win when we make real the slogan

“An Injury to one is and injury to all.”


Zimbabwe: Boycott the Referendum! Break with
the Popular Front!

Zimbabwe is going through a process of drafting and voting
on a new constitution. It is a total fraud put forward by the ruling
ZANU-PF and its Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
minority partner in the power sharing government. Nothing will
change, the ruling class will continue to profit from doing deals
with imperialism to plunder Zimbabwe’s resources, and the masses
will continue to starve or leave in search of work. The left has been
dragged behind this constitutional process as fig leaf covering this
naked exploitation. The reformist left, the unions and NGOs have
been ‘consulted’ and made minor amendments in the hope that it
will fool the workers and oppressed. But this has not fooled the

The global crisis of capitalism means that capitalism can
only survive by making the workers pay for the crisis. The masses
are ready to rise up as they are doing
in other parts of Africa, Asia and the
Middle East. But these struggles are
being betrayed by national regimes
acting as the agents of imperialism.
What is missing is a genuine revolutionary
Marxist party to act as the
guide to mass action.

We report here on the struggle
of the Revolutionary Workers
Group to build a united front to boycott
the Referendum on the Draft
Constitution to smash the popular
front regime, and to form that Revolutionary
Marxist Party to lead the
socialist revolution.
National liberation fails

As in other parts of Africa,
the national liberation struggle
Zimbabwe was strongly influenced

 MAY 2013

historic left reformist party. After years of working in the MDC
and now the Constitution consultation process the ISOZ is again
exposed as acting as a left cover for the popular front regime. It is
claiming that it is possible to influence the regime from within the
government of the bourgeoisie whose interests lay with imperialism
not the people. This prevents the working masses from acting
independently of their class exploiter.

The reformist ISOZ inside the Constitution process
Now that the final draft Constitution has been revealed and a national
vote is scheduled for March 16, the ISOZ suddenly finds
itself embarrassed that there is nothing in it in the interests of
workers. They said to workers that participating in the process
of drafting the Constitution was important for workers. It sowed
illusions that the Constitution could be in the interests of workers
because only now does it say that this is not so.

“It is clear that the Constitution Parlimentary Committee
(COPAC) constitution is
there to look after the inter-

of politicians, the rich,
employers, capitalists and
imperialists, i.e. the 1% of
plutocrats or elites, but doing
so in a deceptive manner that
deludes working people that
their interests too are covered.
Vanorava mbwa vakaviga

Now it realises that
workers will now see it as
betraying them to the regime.
It complains that there are at
least 15 things wrong with the
final draft so that workers must
vote ‘No’ to reject the Draft
Constitution. It summarises

“Thus the COPAC

by Stalinism and the belief that na-Hyper inflation weighs down the masses

draft leaves substantially intact

tional would have to

independence go
through, first, a national democratic stage
in preparation for a second, socialist stage. In most cases the liberation
struggle achieved political independence but failed to break
from imperialist economic dependence. liberation fighters who
were too threatening to imperialism like lumumba and Cabral
were assassinated by order of the imperialists, and all the liberation
movements turned into black bourgeoisies who became the
agents of imperialist plunder. If they fell out with imperialism as
did Mugabe with Britain, it was over the sharing of the spoils.

In Zimbabwe’s case, the imperialists imposed sanctions
to force the regime into submission. Mugabe’s resistance threw
the country into stagnation and his regime could only survive by
posing as anti-imperialists and repressing any opposition. This
ruse is wearing thin as imperialists line up in joint ventures with
US and EU imperialists and increasingly with China, to plunder
Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth, throwing the masses into further poverty
and misery.

To shore up his declining popularity Mugabe proposed
that the new Constitution would create the basis for a fully democratic
and independent Zimbabwe. But this ruse has not won over
the people. This is evident in the discontent in the ranks of the
International Socialist Organization-Zimbabwe (ISOZ,) the main


the iron fist of the executive imperial
presidency to be used by the ruling classes to smash revolts
from below as the crisis of capitalism locally and internationally
worsens. To please the Western capitalist masters, the COPAC
draft has scandalously omitted the peoples’ rights of economic
empowerment, indigenisation and nationalisation of strategic resources,
under workers’ and communities’ democratic control.

Further, it provides for compensation to white farmers
and foreigners whose farms were expropriated, but without a cent
for the ex-farm-workers who lost their jobs or land for urban housing.
The draft will allow the ZANU-PF chiefs and generals to sell
for a huge profit the multiple farms they have looted. To ensure
this, the draft provides that the land chapter can only be amended
after a 2/3 parliamentary majority and a constitutional referendum.

Workers are denied the right to a living wage, a real right
to strike; civil servants denied full collective bargaining rights and
their full citizenship rights. Women are denied rights to abortion,
social grants, or 50-50 parity in jobs. Students are denied the right
to education. There are no economic or empowerment rights for
youths, women, the unemployed, farmers and informal sector.

There is no right to recall corrupt or ineffective MPs or

Cont. pg 18


Whither China?

Readers will recall in the last issue we promised to address questions
raised in discussions with Paul an independent socialist an self described
China defencist. In the workers movement many militants are
confused and misled on the class character of China by taking their
leadership from the Spartacist league and their off shoots (IBT &
IG). These tendencies have completely missed the transformation of
the PRC from a deformed workers state (DWS) into a capitalist state
and emerging imperialist power and likewise they have missed the
conversion of the Stalinist CCP into a party of the bosses or now the
political arm of the bourgeoisie.

The ICl et. al. refuse to see the qualitative transformation of
the CCP into its opposite, a capitalist party.

They do not see any reason for because Mao’s party is still in
power and is not being challenged by any (other) bourgeois party.

It is because the gains of the 1949 revolution are gone and
have been revoked by force in the bloody repression of 1989-1992
and with the complete triumph within the CCP of the “Capitalist
Roaders” that we call for a transitional program of the socialist revolution.
This is especially urgent as US imperialism prepares to provoke
an inter-imperialist WWIII.

It will then be the gravest political error and betrayal to defend
the CCP and the PRC’s capitalist regime against the workers
of China and the world. like the Fourth International and the SWP
(USA) of old we call on the international working class to take action
to prevent world war. Ultimately only the socialist revolution can
prevent capitalism from destroying the productive forces they can not
put to profitable use except in the destruction of capitals. This has to
presuppose casualties from the millions to billions.

Paul evokes Trotsky to explain, “The dialectic deals with
laws of motion, one law being ‘development through contradictions.’
Trotsky on the Soviet Union under Stalin”

“…the contradiction between the social basis laid down by
the revolution, and the character of the caste which arose out of the
degeneration of the revolution is not only an irrefutable historical fact
but also a motor force. In our struggle for the overthrow of the bureaucracy
we base ourselves on this contradiction. …” –Trotsky, “A
Petty-Bourgeois Opposition in the Socialist Workers Party,” In Defense
of Marxism, December 15, 1939.

Dialectics is indeed the study of the laws of motion in society
but for the ICl China has been “on the brink” of restoration for 16
years. The contradiction Trotsky described presupposes the unstable
equilibrium between the interests of opposing social classes. The unstable
contradiction between the interests of opposing Chinese social
classes was definitively resolved in favor of the “Capitalist Roaders”
at Tiananmen and in the years of repression that followed. What is

exactly undialectical in the ICl’s approach is all the Rubicon’s that
the CCP has crossed without any attribution of qualitative change by
either the bureaucracy or the ICl. They take as good coin the definition
of “Market Socialism” and make apologies for Chinese imperialism
making analogies to the Russian NEP of lenin’s time. They
deny the basic importance of the swelling of Chinese overseas direct
investment, describing this as the normal foreign trade of a workers
state. This foolishness is political suicide in out view and to follow
this reasoning in the face of the facts is to be a lemming. This is why
they can stand before the WC and say that “Market Socialism” is real
and exists and is not just a put up job of the Stalinist Fat-Cats their
Bolivarian buddies and the recipients of their loans and other largess.

Their “defense” of the “gains” comes down to the sole fact
that the Stalinist Party still has the monopoly of state power
and is not challenged by other bourgeois parties.

Paul argues, “the Maoist national autarky and Deng’s
“market reforms” begun in the late-1970’s are two sides of the
same Stalinist coin–“socialism in one country.” The modernization
of PRC under “market reforms” has greatly increased
the social weight of the proletariat (the “gravedigger” of capitalism
and Stalinism), and at the same time strengthened the
forces of capitalist restoration.”

Paul sees what Robertson wants him to see. The Maoist
national autarky defended an economy of “politics in command.”
Where necessities were increasingly guaranteed and
prices were set, subsidized and controlled by the state. Beginning
with Deng in the late 1970’s the rule of the law of value
over the lives of the working class was restored. The “capitalist
roaders” have so far repressed the workers movement and are
only now beginning to worry about the level of class struggle
which takes place outside the party and party controlled unions.
The prospect of the industrialization of the Chinese interior indeed
raises the question of grave digging for the Stalinist regime
which not incidentally is the regime of the bosses. Paul
sees the increased social weight we see the increased misery of
the proletariat as a process much like the proletarianization of
England in the early 19th c. takes place. Paul notices that the
forces of capitalist restoration have been strengthened but pay
no attention to the fact that that they have created out of their
own leading ranks a burgeoning class of millionaires and billionaires
who exploit the tens of millions of migrant, itinerant
and private sector sweat shop workers. Paul quotes Trotsky to
us but we would refer him to Trotsky’s question of whether the
bureaucracy can pass private property to their heirs we have
proof they have and do. Further more unlike the Stalinist Bureaucracy
of the 1930’s USSR these phenomena are no secret.
They take state property and privatize it and via nepotism pass
it on as share on the worlds stock markets to their wives and
children. In comparison to the USA where the ruling class has
the disadvantage of having to buy their politicians in China at
least 70 of the very richest billionaires are the leading politicians.

Paul equates our arguments with the “state capitalism
of (Tony Cliff), our reference to the dominance of “the law of
value” (lOV) to the arguments of (Raya Dunayevskaya), and
our explanation of emergent Chinese imperialism to the “Soviet
imperialism” of (Shachtman-Burnham-Abern, and the Revolutionary
Communist Party of Bob Avakian).

The Cliffite argument said that the military monopoly,
the steel eating, made a bourgeoisie out of the ruling cast.
Their power to divvy up the national product made them a bourgeoisie
and made the USSR State CAP we never accepted this
and explicitly reject this. We saw aspects of state capitalism
come and go during the restoration in the Yeltsin years and we
see aspects of state capitalism in China today in the operation
of SOE’s in accordance with the lOV and as private traders
and capitalized firms on the international market. The Chinese
State Banks even own large percentages of Morgan Stanley
and Barkely’s which makes these SOE’s exploiters of the world
as well as Chinese proletarians as opposed to being their representative.
You will look far and long to find any socialist
content in their activities the Houku system of police

Cont. pg 17


Whither China Cont. from pg 16

Registration of the workers has completely supplanted the
“iron rice bowl” “ the three irons” or any of the guarantees of the
’49 revolution. Against these conditions the Chinese working class
wages hundreds of thousands of strikes all illegal since ’82. These
strikes inevitably become political i.e. directed against the policy
of the regime against the “market-socialism” the ICl says is a real
post capitalist phenomena.

To defend China as a DWS at a time when it becomes
increasingly obvious that the declining US imperialism puts its fortunes
and its fate on the warpath with Chinese imperialism is to
play a social imperialist role that is to take the side of a imperialist
capitalist class in an inter-imperialist conflict. This is not a mistake
this is treachery of a very usual petty bourgeois sort.

As this short argument will not suffice for more than an
introduction to our thinking with this issue of CW we launch the
accompanying journal Class Warrior which comes as a stand alone
pamphlet containing a more in depth look at the process of restoration
of capitalism in China and a critique of the Neo-Kautskyians
who are working across the global to drive leninism out of lenin’s

Guantanamo Hunger Strike:
Criminal US Military Torture of Detainees

A week after detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison camp were
forced from the largest communal area into single cells, nearly
half of them are currently on a hunger strike. Seventeen of them
are having nutrition drink pumped into their stomachs and the military’s
Muslim adviser stated on April 18th that the hunger strike
will lead to multiple deaths. The hunger strike spread after authorities
injured five inmates in a raid on April 13th on the communal
area and forced detainees into individual cells. The justification
for the raid was ostensibly to prevent the detainees from covering
cameras. The hunger strike, thought to have begun on 6 February,
is in protest against not only this raid, but for 11 year incarceration
without charge or trial, as well as torture.

“They used dogs on us, they beat me, sometimes they
hung me from the ceiling and didn’t allow me to sleep for six
days.” said Al Jazeera journalist Sami al-Haj. He spent 6 years at
Guantanamo. Al Jazeera reported that Brandon Neely, a US Mil

cont pg 20

 MAY 2013

CLASS MEMORY ALERT: Report from Argentina
Videla dictatorship operatives in the dock

Kissinger & Videla Mass Murderers

“On March 4th, 1976 in the Ford Factory in Pacheco, 20 union
stewards and 5 militants were taken away by the Argentinian military.
This was a factory with 7000 workers. After there were no
union stewards in this factory for 30 years. The head of company
security, Hector Francisco Sibilla, retired Army officer, later became
head of security at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. This
day was the first day of a military coup, which meant a black list
had been prepared in advance.

Before the kidnapping by the military, according to Jorge
Costanza, one of those arrested, the workers had succeeded in leveling
wages: “a sweeper who swept the dining room earned the
same as other workers in the factory”. Costanza says he was tortured
for 5 hours after his arrest inside the factory.

After several months, the 25 workers were released. They
are now testifying against Muller, the director the factory, who is
now on trial, and against the head of labor relations at that time,
Alicia Galaraga. “I,m here because I want to tell Muller that everything
comes around” said luis DiGuisti, another worker arrested,
“Torturer,” Im going to shout in his face and let out everything I
have inside.” (letter from Earl Gilman)

President Kirchner herself was a prisoner during the military
dictatorship, this explains the aspect of minor retribution by
the bourgeois legal machine. But workers will get little satisfaction
in the bourgeois courts. What is required from us in the US
are vigilance, solidarity and communication with worker militants
in Argentina and all the Americas to expose the role of the US military
and imperialist corporations in the brutal dictatorships which
checker so much of the South America’s modern history. So for
instance we are obliged to tell the unhappy news of the suppression
of the trial of Rios Monte in Guatemala. Rios Monte is guilty
slaughter of thousands Mayan civilians under the direction of the
Reagan White house. His crimes rival those of big time Argentine
monsters yet today he is being protected by his top henchmen Molina
who is today the president of Guatemala.


councillors, while it creates, per capita, the biggest parliament in Africa.”
But this list is just to cover for ISOZ rotten participation in the ‘consultation’
process. The ISOZ even says that even if these matters were
corrected, the capitalist regime would then ignore the Constitution. It
should have been honest and said as soon as the new Constitution was
mooted, that it was a ruse to create a sham bourgeois democracy when

there is no possibility workers gaining anything
from parliament; especially as the global
capitalist crisis was imposing new austerity
attacks on all African workers and farmers
imposed by former ‘Marxist’ (read Stalinist/
Maoist) regimes like the ANC and ZANU PF.
Sectarian ‘Socialist Platform’ abandons workers

As the crisis gets worse in Zimbabwe
and the whole of Africa the attacks by imperialism
and its client regimes intensify. It is clear
that for workers to resist they must defeat both
imperialism and the local agents such as the
Government of National unity (GNU.) But
most workers remain tied to popular fronts like
the ANC in South Africa (SA) and the GNU in
Zimbabwe. Revolutionaries must organise the
most militant workers in united fronts to fight
austerity and demand a living wage and decent
work, health, housing and education. To do

this we need to build independently of the state
and the popular front that ties workers hands to the national bourgeoisie
and imperialism. Before the working class and poor farmers can
organise as a force to defeat the regime they have to win their independence
by breaking from the popular front. The workers are tied to the
popular fronts by reformists and centrists. In SA the DlF type centrists
(Democratic left Front) move left to provide a cover for reformism.
In Zimbabwe the centrists spout revolutionary phrases but at the same
time fail to put forward a program to organise workers’ power.

The Workers International league (WIl) Zimbabwe section
of the leninist-Trostksyist International Faction (FlTI), which resulted
from a split from ISOZ in 2009 confuses the United Front of action
on immediate demands with ‘revolutionary’ sounding demands that fall
far short of revolution. For example, the WIl and RWG began discussion
on a united front called ‘Socialist Platform’ to organise workers to
boycott the Constitution. The WIl drafted a proposal for a ‘Socialist
Platform’ that also called on Zimbabwe workers to ‘smash imperialism’.
The RWG objected to raising this demand in a UF and pointed
out that immediate united front demands should NOT be confused with
socialist demands that must be prepared for by a number of transitional
demands. The WIl refused to drop its call on a united front to boycott
the referendum to also ‘smash imperialism’. This form of ‘political
bloc’ is centrist because it confuses the United Front with demands for
socialist revolution, and holds back the organisation of workers independence.
How is this?

First, it cannot build a genuine united front to advance workers
struggle by exposing the agents of the bosses who are tying workers
to the popular front. It says to workers that they must ‘smash imperialism’
in order to boycott the Constitution. Putting a barrier in front of
reformist workers will prevent the united front from becoming a mass
movement. At the same time it gives the bureaucrats and centrists who
refuse to break from the popular front and alibi to attack the united
front and avoid being exposed as class traitors.

 MAY 2013

Second, the ‘Socialist Platform’ does not spell out
how to get to socialism. In fact is misleads workers by saying
that in Marikana the miners won the ‘class war’. No they
didn’t, they won 12,500 rand a month but remain trapped in
the African National Congress (ANC) popular front which
continues to shoot miners on behalf of imperialism. This is
not ‘socialism’ but ‘economism’: fighting for wage rises is

not yet fighting to overthrow the wage
system. Perhaps the WIl is cynically
angling to recruit disaffected ISOZ
members onto its ‘Socialist Platform’
by claiming that ‘socialism’ can spring
from the spontaneous struggle of workers
without a revolutionary program or
revolutionary party. These are matters
for revolutionaries to debate in front of
the working class as part of the struggle.
But they are no substitute for the
united front. By confusing the united
front with a ‘socialist’ bloc the WIl
holds back the masses at the same
time as evading putting in front of the
masses the vital questions of the general
strike, the arming of workers, the
insurrection, and the overthrow of the
capitalist state and its replacement with
a Workers and Poor Farmers Govern


A mass united front to mobilise workers to boycott
the Constitution must be built in the next month and
cannot spend its time arguing about which group is more
socialist than the other. The ‘Socialist Platform’ on the basis
of the WIl draft would have been the worst kind of centrism
because while claiming to be for ‘socialism’ it fails
to focus its energy on building a necessary first step on the
road to socialism; the organisation of independent working
class struggle committees capable of forming a national congress
to boycott the Constitution and to prepare for a general


Boycott the Referendum

We need to be clear on why workers and poor
farmers should boycott the vote. A ‘no’ vote as proposed by
the reformist ISOZ and other organisations (National Congressional
Assembly (NCA), Zimbabwe Congress of Trade
Unions (ZCTU), Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
and the Progressive Teachers Union (PTUZ) sends a
message that the proposed draft is not in the interests of the
workers. It doesn’t say that the whole Constitution process
is designed to con workers into a popular front. The only
reason that the ISOZ say’s vote ‘no’ is that it is embarrassed
that it can no longer pretend that workers won anything in
the process. It is exposed as a treacherous reformist agent of
the popular front. Voting ‘no’ is no more than covering for
this treachery. What will follow is that the ISOZ will keep

alive illusion that a ‘no’ vote for the Draft will see the whole
process repeated and next time workers participation will
win some acceptable gains. This means that the ISOZ


has no confidence in the revolutionary working class to fight against
and defeat the draft constitution. It even admits in point 15 that: “like
the lancaster [House Constitution] one, this COPAC constitution will
become permanent and enslave us and future generations”!

We reject reformism outright. The draft constitution like all
of its predecessors is a charade to provide a fig leaf for a semi-colonial
dictatorship in the interests of imperialism, both Western and now today,
Chinese. At the outset of this exercise we said that workers must
give no support to the process and

organised independently. Now
that there is a Constitutional crisis,
with the reformists exposed,
and the centrists running about
like headless chickens trying to
cackle like the DlF in South
Africa, or trying to head off and
independent workers movement
into sectarian blind alleys like
the WIl (FlTI), we say there is
only one revolutionary course of
action and that is the boycott built
around mass mobilizations of the
workers, their organizations and
the oppressed.

A boycott means several
things. First, there is nothing to be learned from voting for a bourgeois
Constitution imposed on the people by a bourgeois regime. Workers
who have illusions in parliament will be repulsed by the reactionary
constitution. All those workers who are repelled to the left and by the
treachery of the left reformists like ISOZ will look for leadership for
the way forward. The vote ‘no’ tells them, try again, but meanwhile do
not break with the popular front!

Second, there are phony boycotts. Those centrists who try to intercept
the left moving workers call for a boycott, but for them this means a
very different thing from revolutionaries. For some opportunists who
hope to create a DlF like in SA, it means breaking from the draft proposals
and building an independent socialist front that remains open to
future participation in new proposals. They do not see in the current
conjuncture any revolutionary situation emerging in SA or Zimbabwe
so wait on events to guide workers spontaneous struggles. The WIl
sectarian centrists call for a boycott not only of the Constitution but
of capitalism and imperialism at the same time. They see the current
world situation as revolutionary or pre-revolutionary, and think that the
democratic revolutions that are reviving in MENA and Africa can leap
over bourgeois democracy into a spontaneous proletarian revolution
without the leadership of a Marxist Revolutionary Party.

The revolutionary position is to build the boycott of the referendum
as an immediate political demand to break from the popular
front that will free the workers and open the road to independent workers
struggles where they can fight for and win demands for jobs, wage,
working and social conditions through political strikes against the regime.
In the process the vanguard will be won to a Marxist Revolutionary
Party and program. As it becomes more independent, confident,
armed, it will be capable of over-throwing the regime and replacing it
with a workers and poor farmers’ government. So the struggle builds
from united fronts for immediate demands to the seizure of power and

 MAY 2013

a workers government and socialist plan following the transitional
method of lenin and Trotsky.
Transitional Program

We can summarise the method and program of lenin
and Trotsky. The first duty of the revolutionaries is to explain
the truth to the masses. Capitalism in the epoch of imperialism
is undergoing a potentially terminal crisis. It is facing a showdown
between revolution and counter-revolution. Imperialism

can only survive by destroying

the lives and living conditions
of the working masses. For
workers to live capitalism
must die! There can be no
future for the masses without
overthrowing the bosses’ regimes
and with it the capitalist
state. For this the masses need

an independent party and program
to guide it along the revolutionary
road and across the
bridge from reform to revolution.
All those forces who act
as barriers on that road must
be exposed and destroyed.

This means breaking with the

union bureaucrats that are the
agents of the capitalist state to suppress class struggle in the
unions. It means breaking with the centrist and Menshevik/
Stalinist left that tells workers that the road is long and steep
and that with the help of the centrists, they will reach their final
goal in the end.

The revolutionary program is the Transitional Program
that begins with immediate demands:

•For jobs for all, a living wage, free health, education and

•To national democratic demands such as land nationalisation,
a state bank, a unicameral parliament based on universal
suffrage; and to achieve this, Socialist demands for
workers councils, workers militias, strikes and occupations
to create dual power to overthrow the capitalist regime.
This will put in power a Workers and Poor Farmers’ Government
able to:

•Expropriate the imperialists’ property and that of the national
•To socialise the minerals, land, banks, energy and communications
without compensation and under workers’ and
poor farmers’ control!
Such a government would:

•Impose a socialist plan integrated with those of all the oter
countries in Africa that make a socialist revolution to form
a Union of Socialist Republics of Africa!

Statement of the Liaison Committee of Communists composed of the Revolutionary
Workers Group Zimbabwe Communist Workers Group NZ/Ao,
Communist Workers Group (USA) and the February 23, 2013



The referendum on the new constitution was held on
the 16th of March 2013 with only around 40% of eligible voters
voting on the acceptability or otherwise of the draft written by
the three parties in government together with their imperialist
masters through UNDP.Over half of the eligible voters boycotted
the referenda in a clear sign of protest to the GNU and the
policies of the three parties that have wrecked the lives of the
ordinary poor and were using the referendum to create the political
basis for further attacks on the poor masses through brutal
austerity measures demanded by imperialism .
Of those who voted 92% were in support of the document with
only about 5% rejecting it and the remainder filled by protest
votes and/or spoiled papers. Even on this basis the draft cannot
be regarded as legitimate given the number of people who one
way or the other saw through the tricks of the inclusive dictatorship
and rejected the referendum farce. All the parties in the
GNU have welcomed the results as historic and now calling for
the entrenchment of constitutionalism i.e. acceptance of the culture
of capitalist domination. Those calling for a No vote have
rejected the outcome and vow to continue to oppose the constitution
until a democratic and people driven one is in place.

For us the number of people who boycotted the process
represents a latent political force in Zimbabwe of workers and
the ordinary poor who are opposed to the policies of the current
regime but with no clear answer as to the real solution given
the historical domination of reformism and centrism. The popular
front regime has brought untold suffering to the people and
this must end through smashing the regime and its social basis
in order to conquer the interests of the ordinary poor.Workers,
students, poor farmers, poor resident, unemployed and the informally
employed must mobilise now for a UNITED FRONT to
oppose the popular front regime that is now preparing to launch
another round of attacks on the living conditions of the poor.

In our campaign for a boycott and the meetings we held
with workers, students and the ordinary poor we reiterated the
need to launch the UNITED FRONT to spearhead the responses
of the poor and exploited masses with the two meetings endorsing
the call. To that end the RWG (Zim) will be agitating for
the creation of local struggle committees in unions and struggle
organisations to call for the convening of the UNITED FRONT
of struggle organisations and individuals dedicated to the defeat
of the policies being championed by the regime and those being
proffered by those intending to replace the regime without replacing
the capitalist basis. We congratulate the ordinary people
of Zimbabwe for boycotting the referendum and now call upon
them to organise to smash the capitalism and its agents.

Revolutionary Workers Group-Zimbabwe
21 March 2013


Guantanamo cont from pg 17

itary Policeman and former Guantanamo guard, said that detainees
were “treated horribly’ and that he regularly watched detainees being
beaten and humiliated. The criminal torture of the Guantanamo detainees
under the Obama administration is a continuation of the Bush
administrations “War on Terror” in the aftermath of 9/11 in violation
of US laws and international treaties. As a new report released by
the bipartisan Constitution Project stated:

“Perhaps the most important or notable finding of this panel is that it is indisputable
that the United States engaged in the practice of torture.”

Democrats and their AFl-CIO leadership friends wish you would forget
that Obama promised to close Guantanamo exactly because of the human rights abuses,
when he ran for office in 2008.

US imperialism has proven itself over and over again as the world’s biggest terrorist
and threat to humanity. From Hiroshima to My lai to the devastation of the Iraq and
Afghan Wars, American capitalism has left in its wake devastation and death. As
the Obama administration conducts drone strikes abroad, the racist US cops wage a
virtual war against the Black, Brown and immigrant communities at home as every
28 hours a Black person is killed by the cops. And the Obama administration has
deported immigrants in record numbers. Recently police torture in Chicago has been
prominent in the press (see “Two Decades of Police Torture in Chicago” in this issue
of Class War).

It is high time the working class of the United States, North America and the world
unite and fight to end this injustice and create a humane world. We need to rally behind
a revolutionary program of socialism in revolutionary workers parties to abolish
capitalism once and for all.

Close down Guantanamo Bay prison torture facilities! Free the detainees!

Return Guantanamo to Cuba! ger-



Cont. from pg 9 Union refuse to save SEATS

free, comprehensive service that fully covers the entire county.

For their part, the Iowa City Federation of labor leadership tried

to encourage via email a few trade-unionists to attend the Iowa City

Council meeting where SEATS was discussed. This is far divorced

from the mass mobilization of the entire labor movement allied to

the working class community that is necessary to beat back these

attacks. By shifting focus solely to the city councils, and in

a lame manner at that, the class collaborationist labor leaders are

providing a labor cover to the Democratic Party County

Board of Supervisors who initiated these cuts, all of whom

are the darlings of and politically endorsed by the City Fed leader

ship, particularly Supervisor Rod Sullivan, the vocal point man for

imposing the SEATS cuts by the county. Rod Sullivan attended as a

welcome guest the Iowa City Fed annual Chili Supper on Jan 17th,

the very day that the Press Citizen announced that SEATS cuts had

been placed on the table by the County Board of Supervisors.

While the Democratic Party politicians of Johnson Coun

Cont. bottom pg 22 Col.1

Thatcher and Chilean Mass Murderer Pinochet: two peas in a pod


Remembering the Iron Lackey

On April 8, 2013, Margaret Thatcher died. A controversial
figure, some have called her one of the most remarkable leaders
of modern times (Margaret Thatcher Foundation) and committed
other such acts of hagiography. Others, celebrated her death by
singing “ding dong the bitch is dead”. Remove the rose-colored
glasses: she was the Iron lackey. She was, along with many other
politicians in her class, a servile follower, or lackey, of the capitalist
industrial complex. She unapologetically destroyed social
programs in her quest to be one of Britain’s great leaders. One
would have thought, as a woman, and coming from a petit bourgeois
background, she would have had sympathy for and supported
the working class, who no doubt frequented her father’s grocery
shop. But she categorically and singlehandedly, during her
unprecedented 3 terms, sought to destroy the social infrastructure
of the British political system, and it took years subsequent to her
tenure for the damage to be minimally undone.

“Whatever else may be true of her, Thatcher engaged
in incredibly consequential acts that affected millions of people
around the
She played a
role not only
bringing about the
first Gulf War but
also using her influence
to publicly advocate
for the 2003
attack on Iraq. She
denounced Nelson
Mandela and
ANC as “terrorists”,
even David
eron ultimately admitted
was wrong.
She was a
fast friend to brutal
tyrants such
Augusto Pinochet,
Saddam Hussein
and Indonesian dictator
harto (“One of our
very best and most valuable
friends”). (Greanville
Post, 4/8/13). “Across Britain, Thatcher is still hated for the damage
she inflicted – and for her political legacy of rampant inequality
and greed, privatisation and social breakdown.” (Guardian,
2012). Thatcher, along with Reagan, were the most vociferous
Cold War warriors against the working class gains of the degenerated
Soviet workers state in the 1980’s, as well as attacking the
unions at home. Just as with Reagan breaking the PATCO strike
in the United States, Thatcher’s campaign against the 1984-85
British NUM Miner’s strike was a signature defeat for the British
labor movement. (4/8/13) briefly and elegantly described
her upbringing as such: “Thatcher grew up in a classical English
petty-bourgeois family. Her father owned two grocery shops in
Grantham. He preached the word of God, was staunchly patriotic,


 MAY 2013

and became the town’s Mayor from 1945-6. His self-confidence
derived from selecting of tins of food that command a good price
and turn a good profit. His daughter, Margaret, also formed her
intellectual outlook around the petty proprietor’s fetish for the
magical qualities of prices”.

Jeremy Bentham, a 19th century satirist, famous for his
wry commentary regarding ordinary bourgeois intelligence in the
19 century stated, “To know what is useful to a dog, one must
study dog-nature”. He subsequently continued on the nature of
the modern English shopkeeper as a prototype for the “normal
man”, “whatever is useful to this queer normal man, and to his
world, is absolutely useful. This yard-measure, then, he applies to
past, present and future”. This insular and simplistic unevolving
intellect can thereby be attributed to Margaret Thatcher’s own
Father, and to her by association, with her environment growing
up. A very clear and simple recipe for perceiving the world, that
when challenged does not respond at all dialectically, but steadies
it’s rudder and keeps it course towards an inevitable destructive
and conservative end game. like modern day flat-earthers, or
Bible-thumping Neanderthals. Marx said, “For the bureaucrat,
world is a
mere object to be

manipulated by

him.” Thatcher
the quintessential
and lackey
interests, daily
toiling away
for her pragmatic

good, forgetting

the human com

ponent involved
within and resulting
from her policies,
rules and

For University,
she went
Oxford to
study chemistry,
she lacked
outstanding intel

lectual gifts or innovative
entrepreneurial talent” . Her narrow-minded upbringing
and subsequent simplistic problem solving skills caused her to
ultimately become interested in conservative politics, and while
at Oxford, she met many prominent conservative politicians. She
ended up serving 3 terms (1979 – 90) as British Prime Minister.
During those 3 terms she was most well known for several
pro-capital policies, such as “The Big Bang” which involved
massive deregulation of financial services, and gave power to
international banks like Goldman Sachs. Another policy that enriched
Britain’s coffers enormously was her privatization of more
than 50 formerly nationalized companies, thus making more than
50 billion pounds for the exchequer. (The Week 4/9/13). And she
“dragged” the labor Party to the right, by securing their support
for her privatization schemes, reforms of unemployment laws

Cont Pg 22 Col. 1


The Iron Lackey cont from pg 21

and tax decreases.

Credited with helping to end the cold war, again, she had
her eye on the prize for big and international business interests
as she rubbed elbows with Gorbachev and Reagan to “tear down
the Iron curtain” once and for all. In fact her name the “iron lady”
came from her staunch and iron like resistance to the former Soviet
Union and socialism. Her involvement in the Malvinas’ war, or the
1982 Falklands war, for which Britain received enormous military
aid and communication assistance from both the US and Pinochet
of Chile, although both of these countries claimed to give diplomatic
assistance alone, was a full-fledged imperialist war, since a
British victory meant a victory for imperialism as a whole.

Two other controversial policies, for which Thatcher is
famous, was the “right to buy” scheme, and the poll tax. Right to
buy allowed council tenants to buy the public property they inhabited,
thus decreasing the overall numbers in social housing and
making money, 18 billion pounds for the government, once again,
and with the added bonus of recruiting a bunch of now conservative
voters. The poll tax charged a tax per person rather than per
household, thus punishing low-income people who had to live in
shared or overcrowded housing, again, making more money for
the government, at the expense of those with the least money. This
tax was highly and violently protested, and was overturned 4 years
after it was initiated.

During the funeral procession in london, Mary, from
Soho, had a sign reading “Thatcher: a class warrior for capitalism”,
and said, “They thought this woman would be the answer but instead
she became totally money-minded and this country is totally
class divided now between those who have and those who haven’t
got anything…”She ruined the lives of workers. She made miners
and steelworkers out of work forever. Meanwhile, rich people got
richer.” (The Mirror4/17/13).

Even her efforts at educational reform managed to garner
her the title “the Education Secretary who “snatched” free milk
from 7 to 11 year olds” as she canceled the free milk program for
poor children. (The Week 4/9/13). The Reverend Paul Nicolson, 80,
founder of Taxpayers Against Poverty, remembers well the agony
caused by the Poll Tax. He said: “I know the grief eviction causes.
Over 1000 people were put into prison for non payment of poll tax.
It was mostly mothers who suffered”. (The Mirror 4/17/13).

Every single thing she seems to have “accomplished” resulted
in the destruction of a social program or social infrastructural
component of Britain, at the expense of the working class and
low-income individuals, and for the benefit of the “country”, but

(Cont. pg 24 col2)

Union Tops won’t save SEATS cont from pg 20

ty kick the elderly and disabled off SEATS transit and to the curb,
they are pushing for a $40 plus million dollar “Injustice Center”
yet again, which has previously been voted down. Their answer to
capitalist decay is more jail cells. The Justice Center measure last
November that lost was also endorsed by the Iowa City Federation
of labor leaders. Just as they demobilize the workers in fighting
austerity through abstention from struggle, these “labor lieutenants
of Capital” do their part in trying to help the capitalist state
incarcerate largely people of color, who have been cast aside by a
degenerate economic system of exploitation.

 MAY 2013

Below is the CWG united front leaflet and the correspondence
with the AFl-CIO Central labor Council official…….

For a workers’ fight in alliance with the elderly,

disabled and students; with the Black, Brown, immigrant
Native American communities to rollback austerity!

Organize a mass forum to build a fight to

defeat the attacks on Johnson County SEATS!

The Communist Workers Group (USA) is calling on
organizations and individuals to organize a mass meeting in
the community to start to build a fight back against the Johnson
County Board of Supervisors defunding of SEATS para-transit,
a county program that provides transportation services for the
elderly and disabled. The county is trying to push the responsibility
for fully-funding this critical program for which demand
is increasing on the municipalities. This has evolved into a petty
quarrel between the officials of the County Board of Supervisors
and Iowa City (Daily Iowan, Feb 21), as the county subsidizes
the difference between what is contracted to the county by Iowa
City and the costs. While the CWG has no dog in the dispute
between these officials, from the perspective of the disabled, the
elderly and the working class, it makes sense to keep it at the
county level with absolutely no cuts in any funding or services.
In fact, SEATS needs to be extended as a free seven day a week
county-wide service.

As quoted in the Press Citizen, this is a question of quality
of life “All of my rides with SEATS are medical, I never use it
for anything personal. It’s very important for me,” Galdner said.
“SEATS is my survival.” (Press Citizen Feb 17, 2013) Along
with the University of Iowa Hospitals eliminating the Patient
Transport Services this year, these austerity measures are becoming
a life and death matter as those who most depend on these services
are increasingly forced to choose between healthcare, food
or housing. This is especially true for those on fixed incomes,
such as the elderly. How exactly these cuts by the county will
affect SEATS is unclear at this time. But we can bet that it will
lead to a degradation of this vital community service.

The major social gains of the past were won as a result
of social and class struggles, not through the ballot box or elected
officials. In particular, it is the power of the organized working
class, mobilized independently of the Democratic/Republican
parties, and in alliance with the broader sections of the community
that has the strength to effect change. Union workers are in
the crosshairs of cuts in SEATS. A union leadership worth its salt
would do more than send a few representatives to a city council
meeting and would actively be trying to organize and mobilize the
rank and file workers and the working class community to oppose
these cuts as a fight for all workers and for social justice. While
the AFl-CIO Central labor Council leadership, the Iowa City

Federation of labor, will post every election season their list
of endorsed candidates, including some of those very
Democratic Party County Board of Supervisors officials imposing
the SEATS cuts, they have as of yet made no public statement
denouncing these actions. The AFl-CIO leadership have abandoned
this fight, much like they have let the labor movement be
decimated without any real struggle. It is up to us who are being
affected or potentially affected by these cuts to stand up if we

Cont. pg 23


want to preserve these social services.

The CWG is calling on all labor, leftist, disabled and senior
organizations; militant and rank and file workers; the Black, Brown
and immigrant communities and Native American People, to help
build a forum to unite and organize a fight to defend SEATS. We need
to organize mass worker/community assemblies, demonstrations, protests
and political labor strikes if we want to beat back these attacks.
By starting to organize democratic rank-and-file workers assemblies
and committees among both organized and unorganized workers; allied
with the oppressed communities, we can start to build a fight to
defeat this austerity and fight for jobs, healthcare, housing and education
for all.

This is the reply by an official of the AFl-CIO Central labor Council,
the Iowa City Federation of labor to the above CWG united front call
to defend SEATS submitted by a CWG member, trade-unionist and
former delegate from AFSCME local 12 to the Iowa City Federation
of labor..
From: Jesse C
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 8:59 AM
To: Christopher C
Subject: RE: Organize a mass forum to build a fight to defeat the attacks
on Johnson County SEATS!


I was with you until you started bashing labor in your diatribe. It
convuluted the message and immediately alientated labor from your

Good luck with your endeavors.

Jesse C

Here is the CWG reply to the abstentionist labor leadership and the
pathetic attempt to paint the CWG call as “anti-labor”……
From: Christopher C
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2013 8:53 PM
Subject: RE: Organize a mass forum to build a fight to defeat the attacks
on Johnson County SEATS!
Brother Jesse,
In response to your excuses not to take up and initiate a campaign by
the Iowa City Fed to defend the SEATS system, I want to address what
you deride in our call as a “bashing labor diatribe.” This is a calculated
distortion of what was actually written and serves as your “legitimate”
escape from the tasks at hand which you refuse to show leadership on.
The leaflet is about defending the workers, the unions and the general
community. The leaflet makes clear that it is abstention by union leaderships
that is being criticized, not the labor movement or the unions.
There is a big difference.

It is the task of rank and file and class conscious workers to
develop and direct the leaders but when the leaders collude against our
interests, with the class enemy, they must be held accountable! The
leadership and paid staff is not the labor movement. It often thinks it
is! And the membership in turn refers to the union in the third person
as “them.” The leadership keeps this division alive by getting way too
cozy with the representatives of the ruling class in the congress, the
statehouse and on the local city councils and boards. There is a distinction
between the movement wanting to defend itself and an obsequious

 MAY 2013

leadership corralling us into the dead end of the Democratic
Party method which requires that labor lay down and accept
austerity and defeat, a path that we have been on for decades
(PATCO, Hormel, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.).

The City Fed officials and local union leadership
are going to defend SEATS how? What’s the plan? It is
not like this is some obscure issue that has not been in the
news since January. There are no neutrals here. Abstention
from struggle is itself demobilizing the working class and
going along with the cuts; and silence is tacitly supporting
the Board of Supervisors in making these cuts to SEATS.
Although the blame should be shared between the County
Board of Supervisors and the various city administrations
and they both should be targeted.

The Press Citizen on Jan 17th first ran the story that
cuts may very well be on the way, from budget discussions
of the County Board of Supervisors earlier in that week. Jan
17th was also the day of the annual City Fed Chili Supper,
which sees the mass mobilization of Democratic Party politicians
to dine at labor’s table. Supervisor Rod Sullivan,
the most vocal proponent of the County cutting funding to
SEATS, was there. What an opportunity for the union officials
and the delegates to organize a protest then and there
in defense of our unions and the working class against those
who, anyone with eyes to see, would have known was going
to impose the cuts! We should ask our movement why was
this wolf in sheep’s clothing allowed at our dining table in
the first place? It is because of the ongoing class collaboration
with those agents of Wall Street the Democratic and
Republican politicians. Action committees could have been
formed that night to start to prepare the fight. The phones and
Xerox machines used every election for the Democrats could
be turned into tools to mobilize labor starting now.

Where is our labor leadership? Where is the initiative
to try to mass mobilize? Where was the plan to defeat
the Patient Transport Services cuts??? let’s unleash labors
resources now! labor must open its halls to the entire working
class to organize mass meetings charting an independent
course of action by our class to defeat the austerity the twin
party’s of Wall St. are assaulting us with now.

Also the Sequestration cuts occurring will be used as
an excuse to try to go after the social gains of 1933-73. Why
isn’t there a massive effort to try to reach out and organize the
mass of the organized workers and the working class communities
to build a fight back against all this austerity? Here
is our chance as a labor movement to draw a line and dig in
our heels and defend the elderly, the sick and disabled. If we
don’t do it here and now, when and where will we defend
lives, jobs and services against the social saboteurs?!
Below is an article on the Sequestration from a group of
workers apparently part of the Emergency labor Network:

 Below are links to articles on SEATS:


What we Fight For

We fight to overthrow Capitalism

Historically, capitalism expanded world-wide to free much of humanity
from the bonds of feudal or tribal society, and developed
the economy, society and culture to a new higher level. But it could
only do this by exploiting the labour of the productive classes to
make its profits. To survive, capitalism became increasingly destructive
of “nature” and humanity. In the early 20th century it
entered the epoch of imperialism in which successive crises unleashed
wars, revolutions and counter-revolutions. Today we fight
to end capitalism’s wars, famine, oppression and injustice, by mobilising
workers to overthrow their own ruling classes and bring
to an end the rotten, exploitative and oppressive society that has
exceeded its use-by date.

We fight for Socialism.

By the 20th century, capitalism had created the pre-conditions for
socialism –a world-wide working class and modern industry capable
of meeting all our basic needs. The potential to eliminate
poverty, starvation, disease and war has long existed. The October
Revolution proved this to be true, bringing peace, bread and land
to millions. But it became the victim of the combined assault of
imperialism and Stalinism. After 1924 the USSR, along with its
deformed offspring in Europe, degenerated back towards capitalism.
In the absence of a workers political revolution, capitalism
was restored between 1990 and 1992. Vietnam and China then followed.
In the 21sst century only Cuba and North Korea survive as
degenerate workers states. We unconditionally defend these states
against capitalism and fight for political revolution to overthrow
the bureaucracy as part of world socialist revolution.

We fight to defend Marxism

While the economic conditions for socialism exist today, standing
between the working class and socialism are political, social and
cultural barriers. They are the capitalist state and bourgeois ideology
and its agents. These agents claim that Marxism is dead and
capitalism need not be exploitative. We say that Marxism is a living
science that explains both capitalism’s continued exploitation
and its attempts to hide class exploitation behind the appearance
of individual “freedom” and “equality”. It reveals how and why
the reformist, Stalinist and centrist misleaders of the working class
tie workers to bourgeois ideas of nationalism, racism, sexism and
equality. Such false beliefs will be exploded when the struggle
against the inequality, injustice, anarchy and barbarism of capitalism
in crisis, led by a revolutionary Marxist party, produces a
revolutionary class-consciousness.

We fight for a Revolutionary Party

The bourgeois and its agents condemn the Marxist party as

totalitarian. We say that without a democratic and a centrally organised
party there can be no revolution. We base our beliefs on
the revolutionary tradition of Bolshevism and Trotskyism. Such a

 MAY 2013
party, armed with a transitional program, forms a bridge that joins
the daily fight to defend all the past and present gains won from
capitalism to the victorious socialist revolution. Defensive
struggles for bourgeois rights and freedoms, for decent wages and
conditions, will link up the struggles of workers of all nationalities,
genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations, bringing about
movements for workers control, political strikes and the arming
of the working class, as necessary steps to workers’ power and the
smashing of the bourgeois state. Along the way, workers will learn
that each new step is one of many in a long march to revolutionize
every barrier put in the path to their victorious revolution.

We fight for Communism.

Communism stands for the creation of a classless, stateless society
beyond socialism that is capable of meeting all human needs.
Against the ruling class lies that capitalism can be made “fair” for
all, that nature can be “conserved”, that socialism and communism
are “dead”, we raise the red flag of communism to keep alive the
revolutionary tradition of the Communist Manifesto of 1848, the
Bolshevik-led October Revolution, the Third Communist International
until 1924, and the revolutionary Fourth International up to
its collapse into centrism, with the closing of the International center.
We fight to build a new Communist International, as a world
party of socialism capable of leading workers to a victorious struggle
for socialism.

Join us: where overthrowing capitalism is all in a days work !!

The Iron Lackey Cont. from pg 22

never for the people. She was the Iron lackey, whose conservative
values were hoodwinked and molded by the ruling class, via
her self-satisfied petit bourgeois upbringing, peppered, no doubt
with no small amount of disdain for her father’s working class
customers. Conservatism lies in the value structure of conserving
what you have. As Marx very astutely said, “It is not the con\sciousness
of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary,
their social being that determines their consciousness.” Her early
socio-political upbringing and training solidly set her course. She
had nowhere to go but up herself, and yet she forgot all the other
people in Britain who still were trying to make their own way. So
for the Iron lackey, may there be another level in Dante’s Inferno,
created just for her. And the name fits, for her staunch and steadfast
servitude to the capital’s interest.

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