RWG May day Statement

8 May






The Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (RWG-ZIM) welcomes all workers, the oppressed poor and all who fight with them to the May Day commemorations. Workers the world over commemorate May Day in the context of a global capitalist crisis that threatens to destroy all value created by the workers over centuries as well as destroy in advance what is yet to be produced. May Day is celebrated in recognition of the struggles by the workers over the centuries and is also a time to take stock of the reality of the workers condition thereby enabling the basis for preparing for future struggles.


Here in Zimbabwe we celebrate International Workers Day in the context of an accelerated attack on the living conditions of the workers and the oppressed by imperialism which is fronted by local capitalists and the brutal GNU. About 90% of the population are not in formal employment with those in employment earning far below the poverty datum line and working under deteriorating conditions whilst the capitalists continue to amass massive profits on the back of brutal exploitation and hoodwinking of the oppressed peoples.


The recently adopted new draft constitution has provided the legal and constitutional basis for further attacks on the working class and the poor masses despite the cosmetic and symbolic bill of rights. Workers rights have not been entrenched as shown by a meaningless listing of so called labour rights. The state and capitalists are intent on attacking the working conditions of the poor workers with the government taking the lead through its decision to freeze all promotions and transfers among others in the civil service citing resource constraints yet they can find money to award each other golden handshakes and massive salary increments.


Workers must organise in their respective unions and workplaces and together with the unemployed, students, youths, rural and urban poor mobilise for a revolutionary and militant United Front to fight Imperialism and the Popular Front dictatorship.


  • Jobs for All! We demand a reduction of hours so that there are enough jobs for everyone!


  • A Living Wage! Workers fight for a living wage and better working conditions through mass action controlled by ordinary workers!


  • Workers break with the ZANU (PF)/MDC Popular Front that continue to oppress and tie workers to imperialism!


  • Workers form an active and militant Workers’ Councils controlled by the rank and file activists and linked to organisations of the poor and oppressed!






30 April 2013, Harare Zimbabwe


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